Utah Jazz Hire Dennis Lindsey: Why It Was the Right Call

Andrew Wallock@andrewwallock8Contributor IAugust 16, 2012

Via nbaplus.com
Via nbaplus.com

The Utah Jazz have had a quietly effective offseason, adding solid role players in Mo Williams, Marvin Williams and Randy Foye while only losing Devin Harris and Raja Bell.

While they haven't had an offseason quite like the Los Angeles Lakers, it's safe to say that the moves they have made will help them out tremendously in the upcoming NBA season.

One of the most important moves was the hiring of Dennis Lindsey as their new general manager (via Brian T. Smith of The Salt Lake Tribune).

Kevin O'Connor, who has manned the GM position for the past 13 years, will stay on in Utah as the executive vice president of player operations. Lindsey comes in to work directly with O'Connor and the Jazz front office. 

Most recently, Lindsey was vice president and assistant general manager of the San Antonio Spurs for five years. He had a lot of direct influence, especially with any draft-related tasks.

This hire is a big move for a Utah Jazz organization that is primed and ready to make serious noise in the Western Conference. With everyone around them getting better, the time is now for the Jazz to act. 

Presumably, the team is one star player away from serious championship contention. It's safe to say that the front office brought Lindsey in as the guy they will be trusting to make that big move. 

With plenty of pieces to work with and players to help develop, Lindsey comes aboard a close-knit organization that rarely makes moves such as these.

O'Connor himself has been around for 13 years, while the owner, Greg Miller, is the son of late owner Larry H. Miller. On top of that, Jerry Sloan coached the Jazz for 22 years before stepping down last year. 

Suffice it to say that the folks running the show in Utah don't just throw anybody into lofty positions like this. Not unless they really believe they have the right guy. 

And it appears they like they're chance with Lindsey. Kevin O'Connor loved the hire (via NBA.com): 

Dennis is a proven talent evaluator whose experience will be a real asset to the Jazz organization. He is a high-character individual who is well respected around the league and I look forward to working with him on a daily basis.

With Lindsey taking over a lot of Kevin O'Connor's duties, this leaves O'Connor with much more time to perform his magic behind the scenes.

O'Connor has had a lot on his plate since the Jerry Sloan/Deron Williams debacle a year ago and hasn't been getting any younger. Lindsey is younger, hungrier and ready for the challenge. 

The keys of the franchise have been handed to Mr. Lindsey.