5 Most Boring UFC Fighters Today

Anthony FuscoCorrespondent IIIAugust 15, 2012

5 Most Boring UFC Fighters Today

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    There are a multitude of fighters under the UFC banner. Some are exciting fighters who push the pace and always fight a fan friendly fight. Names like Joe Lauzon, Donald Cerrone, Anderson Silva and more are known for going into fights with the kill or be killed mentality.

    But sadly this article is not about any of those exciting fighters; it's about their polar opposites, the grinders, the boring fighters.

    In the following slides I give you my personal picks for the Top Five Most Boring Fighters in the UFC today.

    If I forgot any please give me a shout in the comments.

#5: Cheick Kongo

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    Before everyone jumps on me here let me make something very clear.

    Kongo is not boring in every fight he's in. It all simply depends on which Kongo decides to show up.

    Kongo is an excellent kickboxer. He has used his striking skills to win great and exciting fights, including victories over Pat Barry and Paul Buentello.

    But lately the boring Kongo has shown up. The one who attempted to wrestle Matt Mitrione, or who clinched with Shawn Jordan for three full rounds at UFC 149.

    That was brutal. Kongo has good kickboxing and it might serve him well to return to his roots a little bit.

#4: C.B. Dollaway

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    Next up on the list is "The Doberman" C.B. Dollaway.

    Dollaway has a grinding wrestling style that frankly put's fans to sleep.

    It's the smothering style that fans desperately hate. Look no further than his last fight against Jason 'Mayhem" Miller.

    The fight was a snoozefest with Dollaway continually taking Miller down and holding him down; incredibly boring stuff.

    Yes, Dollaway did what he needed to do to secure himself this win, but no one said the way he did it was fun to watch.

#3: Chael Sonnen

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    Let me be the first to say that although Sonnen's style is boring, his trash talk is not.

    When Chael P. Sonnen comes out I'm the first person to look up and listen. He's hilarious.

    But I'm talking about Chael Sonnen and his boring fight style. Yes he's an incredibly high level wrestler and I respect that. It's just his style is not something fans want to be watching.

    He has been called boring by both Vitor Belfort and Hector Lombard.

    Sonnen has a boring wrestling style yes, but if his submissions continue to progress at least we have a chance to see a finish on the ground.

#2: Jon Fitch

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    Known as the poster boy of boring fights, Jon Fitch has had 10 UFC fights go to decision.

    In the past, Fitch has been heavily criticized for his boring style of fighting. Fans have been quick to jump on him for not going in to finish a fight. Instead he would steadily grind out the decision.

    Complicating matters further is that Fitch, despite being boring, was a good fighter in his own right. It was a problem for Dana White as he didn't want to grant Fitch another shot at champion Georges St. Pierre.

    That problem was solved by Johny Hendricks knocking Fitch out in 12 seconds.

    Fitch fights red hot prospect Erick Silva at UFC 153 next.

#1: Jake Shields

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    After watching Shields fight against Ed Herman at UFC 150, I have officially come to the conclusion that Jake Shields is the new Jon Fitch.

    I want to see the Jake Shields that was so heavily hyped before he entered the UFC. The Jake Shields who will take you down and submit you with his excellent ground skills.

    I don't doubt Shields has amazing submission skills. What I do doubt is his capacity to put on an exciting fight. Since his UFC debut, I have yet to see him live up to any of the hype I heard about him.

    He grinds his opponents, and if he can't get the fight to the ground he looks lost.


    Now before I finish this article I know people will be asking where GSP is on this list. I'm trying to be 100 percent unbiased with what I'm about to say.

    I don't find GSP boring because he is such a complete fighter. He can wrestle, strike and grapple with anyone. He is very smart and uses this to his advantage by turning his opponents weaknesses into his strengths. That is why I don't find him boring.

    I know some will disagree but that's perfectly fine. Leave me a comment or even shoot me a tweet @FuscoNation16.