Kris Humphries Tries to Serve Kim Kardashian & Kanye West with Nordstrom Box

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Kris Humphries Tries to Serve Kim Kardashian & Kanye West with Nordstrom Box
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You got served, buddy. Well, almost. 

Kris Humphries tried to pull the 'ol dipsy doodle on Kanye West in a case that gets sillier by the second. The latest features a Nordstroms box that failed to do its job. 

TMZ reports Humphries tried to serve hip-hop super star West with a subpoena, but got a little too creative with it. 

Kris Humphries' lawyer engineered a sneak attack by trying to serve a subpoena on Kanye West by putting it in a Nordstrom box and sending it to Kim Kardashian's house.

I am not sure if there were rumors that Yeezy loves his Nordstroms or if Humphries had extra boxes laying around, but the ploy didn't work. 

Really, the divorce proceedings between Humphries and Kim Kardashian have become nearly as ridiculous as their fame. 

Photo Credit: NY Daily News

The New York Daily News reports two sides of the story. Kardashian's lawyer Laura Wasser stated there was a strange person loitering for hours outside the Kardashian home. 

Humphries’ lawyer Marshall Waller saw it differently. 

Our process server rang the doorbell and amazingly she answered. …He asked if (West) was present, and she said he was on the telephone. If Mr. West’s attorney ever calls us back, we’ll be happy to have a talk. But as a practical matter, that hasn’t happened. We’re jumping through hoops. We’ll probably have to serve him in public.

At the heart of all this is Humphries who wants an annulment for a marriage he contends was a sham and Kardashian who wants a quick divorce and has the gall to act victimized because it's taking so long. 

Photo Credit: E! Online

Expect more wackiness moving forward. Because, as the TMZ report issues, there may be more subpoenas on the horizon. 

Wasser said she's heard the reports that Kris and his lawyers want to put reality TV on trial, and there seems to be evidence to back that up. Wasser noted that Kris has served Kris Jenner with a subpoena and NBC Universal and Bunim/Murray, which produces the Kardashian reality shows.

So this may play out like the plot to the movie Quiz Show, with Humphries making like Herbert Stempel and pulling the blindfold from all of our eyes. 

The only problem is nobody really buys into these shows or the marriage being real, do they?

It's all a farce that is best viewed form afar, and one Kardashian is quite pleased with making bigger than it already is. 

The poor reality-TV queen was comfy cozy in her boyfriend's (NSFW) music video when he utters the lyrics regarding Humphries. 

Go ahead and take on reality-TV Humphries, because none of this stuff can get any more ridiculous anyway. 

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