Madden 13: Grading Best Features in New Release

Andrew BurtonCorrespondent IIIAugust 15, 2012

Madden NFL 13 is the game you need for your collection.
Madden NFL 13 is the game you need for your collection.David Banks/Getty Images

The upcoming release of Madden NFL 13 has gamers everywhere waiting anxiously. The game is set for release on August 28, and will be available on all major gaming consoles. However, the demo was just released, and I must say, this is the game you want!  

As with any update, Madden 13 comes with some new features that have everyone excited.


Kinect Compatibility

First, available only on the Xbox 360, is the ability to use your Kinect—where you ARE the controller. As opposed to picking plays by selecting with the A button, you now have the ability to call your plays with just your voice.

That's right, no controller needed.

With this option, you can have the genuine experience of being the signal-caller. Of course, there are a few kinks to be worked out, but the product is there and progression will follow. 

Final Grade: A- 


Infinity Engine

This basically cancels out the "pre-determined outcomes" Madden fans have become accustomed to—and angered with—in years gone by. No longer do you automatically go down with contact.

Instead, you have the ability to fight for a few more yards. In the words of Cam Weber, GM of American Football of EA Sports (via, "The Infinity Engine changes the outcome of every single play." 

Final Grade: B+


Connected Careers Mode

Connected Careers gives you the option of being a coach, current player, or create your own player and follow them on their journey through the NFL. According to Jesse Bartolis at, "You'll see breakdowns via Twitter from real-life sports personalities like Skip Bayless."

Bleacher Report's own Matt Miller is also one of the personalities that will break down performances in Connected Careers mode.

You will also be able to manage your Connected Career from your mobile phone, computer or even tablet.

The creativity is here for this one, and gamers will certainly use this game mode often.  

Final Grade: B 


Social Media Integration

Madden NFL Social brings the game of Madden to your Facebook for free! You're given the opportunity to play Madden against your Facebook friends from any computer, laptop and even tablet.

The great feature about this? When you're not near your computer, you can transfer your game to your iPhone or iPad to play on the go. And best of all?

You could play for hours, or even minutes. Either way, people will certainly enjoy the luxury of this feature. Millions already have Facebook, so why not add the Madden community to the social media party? 

Final Grade: A

In conclusion, Madden 13 appears to be a significant upgrade over last year's version. It's so realistic, you feel like you are really in the game.

With the awesome new features that I've previously mentioned in this article, you can almost be sure that it's a necessity for any and every gamer that's been on board with Madden to purchase a copy.

Drop your comments below and let me know how you've been enjoying the demo.  

Overall Grade: A-