WWE Signing Former NFL Players: Smart or Not Smart?

Cody GuinnContributor IIIAugust 15, 2012

Photo Courtesy of hawk96mma.wordpress.com
Photo Courtesy of hawk96mma.wordpress.com

So, today on Jim Ross's blog, he announced that the WWE had signed a few former NFL linemen to developmental contracts.

The blog goes on to say that the former linemen, "have lost well over 100, perhaps closer to 200 combined pounds to get in better condition and to be able to present themselves better on TV."

The WWE has signed a bunch of questionable talent to their developmental program; some have been successful and many have failed. 

So, is it smart that the WWE is looking at signing former NFL players to their developmental program?


NFL linemen are some of the most athletic men in the world but don't get the recognition they deserve due to the fact they aren't the ones featured on SportsCenter.

The WWE has some of the best trainers in the developmental territory.  When you combine great wrestling trainers with pure athleticism that these former NFL players will possess, you can nearly guarantee at least one potential superstar could come from this, if not more.

Ross also stated in the blog that the WWE will be having a private, invitation-only tryout in Los Angeles early next week and that, "The recruiting of new, trainees for WWE Development hasn't been this aggressive in years[...]"

As a wrestling fan, that has to get you excited for the future of the WWE.