Why Vikings Trading Percy Harvin to Jets Would Make No Sense

Andrew Garda@andrew_gardaFeatured ColumnistAugust 15, 2012

Harvin is unsure how he got to MetLife Stadium or why he has a Jets jersey on.
Harvin is unsure how he got to MetLife Stadium or why he has a Jets jersey on.

So there is a rumor—I won't be linking to it because the source isn't one I trust—that the Vikings were considering or working on a trade of Percy Harvin to the New York Jets.

Now, right off the bat, as both the NFC North lead writer and a Jets fan growing up, I want to say it's not happening. I won't guarantee anything because there are few guarantees in the NFL.

I will say that it is terribly unlikely and makes little sense.

Oh, to be sure, it makes a ton of sense for the Jets depending on what they pay for him. Even with Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow/some other dude throwing the ball, Harvin is a beast. He instantly upgrades the Jets' receiving corps, and if the Jets could somehow dump Santonio Holmes, so much the better.

Unless they get a king's ransom in return, though, I don't see how it makes the Vikings better.

First, the only thing I see making any sense here is the idea that the Vikings would trade him out of the NFC North. If they were to trade him, not only would I see it happening out of the North, I would say they'd prefer to launch him out of the NFC totally.

You know what, though? It doesn't matter because, short of the greatest offer in history, the Vikings shouldn't be thinking of this.


First of all, the silly drama just before training camp is done. Harvin and head coach Leslie Frazier have patched things up, Harvin appeared in camp and has been working super-hard to get ready for the season.

The drama—or drama—which marked the early summer is gone and all is well. 

Could there be some sort of back-room nonsense going on we don't know about? Sure.  It's unlikely that we haven't heard anything about it; not even a peep. At some point, someone would have said something to a reporter off the record.

That's just how it works.

So, the reason for a trade is gone.

Also, the Vikings are short reliable pass-catchers as it is. John Carlson is hurt, and even if he wasn't, he's unreliable. Jerome Simpson is suspended to start the season, and even if he wasn't, we don't know how good a gauge last season was.

Rookie Greg Childs is gone, fellow rookie Jarius Wright is unproven, as is tight end Kyle Rudolph and second-year player Stephen Burton. Mike Jenkins is unreliable, Devin Aromashodu is mediocre and the other receivers and tight ends are barely worth mentioning right now.

Exactly how does this help the development of the offense, much less the second-year quarterback?

Barring getting someone of equal worth back, doesn't this potentially leave the cupboard bare? Sure, I guess you could get Santonio Holmes back, but do you really want that headache (or contract)?

No, this doesn't help the development of Christian Ponder one iota. Trading away the one reliable receiver in his offense doesn't make any sense.

Finally, you just don't trade away a proven playmaker for a hope (in the form of draft picks) that you can find something better in the next rookie class.

Sure, the Miami Dolphins did, but 1) that's about the worst run organization in football today and 2) they've pretty much called it a season already. Oh, they'll play hard, but they really can't think they have a chance to do much. 

I think the former is more a factor than the latter, but that's besides the point—so far, the Vikings have proven themselves a lot smarter than the Dolphins this year. I just don't see them ditching one of their best players—their only proven pass catching threat—because of one hissy fit.

It doesn't make sense.

Ultimately, that's my push back on any "Harvin to team X, Y, Z" rumors, whether they come from valid or shady sources. The vast majority don't make a lick of sense. They don't get the Vikings better this year, and they don't help their quarterback and they don't help the future of the franchise.

Ditching one of your two best players doesn't do any of those things—it isn't a step forward.

Show me a plan that makes sense, and I will hop on board. This, though? Harvin for two picks or whatever this week's rumor is?

It makes no sense.

It never will.

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