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WWE SummerSlam 2012 Predictions: Match-by-Match Breakdown

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistJanuary 21, 2017

WWE SummerSlam 2012 Predictions: Match-by-Match Breakdown

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    SummerSlam is only a few days away, and this Sunday's Pay-Per-View is loaded with some big matches.  Before SummerSlam kicks off, though, let's take a look at some predictions and match-by-match breakdowns for all the bouts on the SummerSlam card.

    Who will walk away victorious from the WWE Championship Triple Threat match?

    Will Triple H be able to get his revenge on Brock Lesnar?

    What about the matches that aren't for a title?  Will they be able to stand out this Sunday?

    SummerSlam promises to be the biggest event of the summer, but will the match-ups deliver?

    With names like CM Punk, Triple H, Cena, and Brock Lesnar, it's hard to see how SummerSlam will fall short of being anything but fantastic.

    With Sunday's Pay-Per-View just around the corner, here are predictions for every match on the card, and their predicted winners.

Pre-Show: Santino Marella vs. Antonio Cesaro

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    Santino rarely defends his United States Championship, and while it’s good that he is defending the title, there is still a problem with this match.

    What does Santino defending his title on a Pre-Show YouTube match actually say about the title?

    Not a lot.

    Some people may want to see Santino drop the belt, after all, his goofball antics aren't for everyone.

    Still, Is Antonio Cesaro the one who should beat Santino for the title?  There are several, more deserving mid-carders who should be getting a push over Cesaro.

    Besides from his uppercut last week on SmackDown, which would make Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter jealous, Cesaro has been extremely boring.

    Marc Middleton reported over at wrestlinginc.com that Cesaro is considered a "now or never" talent, and will hopefully be able to have a breakout moment.

    This Pre-Show match will be similar to the other matches Marella and Cesaro have had.

    Look for Marella to be his normal goofy self, while Cesaro continues to show us his lack of personality.

    Whoever wins this match in the end depends on how much of a push the WWE feels Cesaro deserves.  In the end, regardless of who wins though, the fans will lose.

    Either Santino continues to disgrace the US title, or a boring mid-carder gets an undeserved push.

    Predicted Winner: Santino

Tag Team Championship Match: Kofi Kingston & R-Truth vs. Prime Time Players

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    With the recent firing of A.W., you have to wonder what's going to happen now to the Prime Time Players.  At one point it looked like they were getting ready for a huge push in an extremely weak tag team division.

    A.W. was the mouthpiece of the Prime Time Players.  With him gone, will they still get a big push or become buried like all the other tag teams?

    Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are two fantastic wrestlers, and can hold their own in any match.

    The Prime Time Players on the other hand, leave a lot to be desired.  They have improved overall as wrestlers, but without A.W., it's hard to see them going anywhere.

    It's impressive that the WWE booked their tag team championship match on an actual Pay-Per-View.  Will they end up having a great match? Probably not, expect at most for this match to be mediocre.

    Kofi and Truth will end up winning the match in the end, and the Prime Time Players will get buried along with the rest of the tag team division.

    At least the WWE has put the title match on a Pay-Per-View, which could always be a step in the right direction for the tag team division. 

    Now if they would only ditch those oversized pennies they call titles.

    Predicted Winner: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

Intercontinental Championship Match: The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio

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    Besides for the fact that this match had no real build up, it seems like it has the potential to be a decent match. 

    The Miz has been getting a push as of late, and putting him up against a veteran like Rey Mysterio would set up even more of a push for him.

    We already know The Miz can handle himself in a wrestling match, and the same can be said about Mysterio.

    So while this match may have been thrown together last minute, you can expect a good performance from these two wrestlers.

    Determining the winner may not be as clear-cut as other matches on the SummerSlam card.  Is the WWE ready to give The Miz a big push by having him get the win over Mysterio?

    On the other hand, why would Mysterio need to win the Intercontinental title at this point in his career?

    The end result will be The Miz doing something to get himself disqualified and keep his title.  The WWE probably won't give Miz a clean win on Mysterio, and they more than likely won't have The Miz drop the belt, either.

    This match could always start a feud between these two and set them up for rematches at upcoming Pay-Per-Views.

    Predicted winner:  The Miz

Kane vs. Daniel Bryan

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    What has Daniel Bryan done to deserve to be taken out of the spotlight like this?  Weren't his matches with CM Punk some of the best of the year?

    What about Kane? When did the Big Red Monster turn face?

    This match seems thrown together because the WWE had nothing better for these two wrestlers to do.

    Why not throw Orton in the mix while we're at it?

    Now that the re-masked Kane is no longer scary (was he ever?), he seems less like a monster, and more like he was when he discarded his first mask. 

    The WWE clearly missed out on the heel potential of Kane, and now that he is apparently back to being a face wrestler, look for Kane to go nowhere.

    Daniel Bryan on the other hand, has been a big part of RAW over the last couple of weeks, but it hasn't been enough to put Bryan in the title picture.  He gets such a strong reaction from the crowd that it would be a shame if the WWE fails to capitalize on it.

    These two could actually put on a decent brawl, but who wants to see this match?  It's not for a title, and has no real storyline outside of when Kane attacked Bryan a couple of weeks ago on RAW, and A.J.'s mentioning of Kane as a friend last Monday night.

    Look for Kane to win this match in the end.  Now that Bryan is out of the title hunt and slowly going insane, he may end up getting buried by the WWE.  Can he even put the Yes/No Lock on Kane?

    Bryan might end up being the one who holds this match together enough for it to be considered decent, but in the end, Kane will be too much for D-Bry.

    Predicted Winner: Kane

Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho

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    The match between Jericho and Ziggler has been put on the SummerSlam card somewhat last minute, but this feud has been building up for weeks.

    Is Jericho done like Ziggler keeps suggesting?  Of course not, but Jericho is still getting ready to leave the WWE again to go back on tour with his band Fozzy.  This could be the last time we see Jericho for a while, which means we should expect him to perform at a top level and go out with a bang.

    Ziggler is one of the best in the business in the ring, so when these two clash at SummerSlam their match should be something special.

    Vickie Guerrero will more than likely end up playing a part in this match, but hopefully she won't get involved too much.  This match has the potential to be the sleeper of SummerSlam, and Vickie getting involved could ruin its potential.

    The real question with this match though, is who needs the win more?  Jericho's latest run in the WWE has been pretty lackluster.  He was supposed to come back as a heel, but after getting suspended back in May, Jericho eventually turned back into his face character that we all know and love.

    Jericho works well as a face wrestler, but it seems like it was something that wasn't originally planned.

    Dolph winning the Money In The Bank match was great for a push, but after several attempts to cash the contract in and failing, how will he ever be able to get one over on Sheamus?

    A win here for Ziggler would give him enough steam to cash in his Money In The Bank contract and win the Heavyweight title.  With Jericho on the way out, why not give one of the up-and-coming stars a great push?

    Predicted Winner: Dolph Ziggler

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sheamus vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    Looks like Alberto Del Rio not getting a title shot turned out to be a huge joke.  The match between Del Rio and Sheamus is back on, and like their other previous title matches, will be boring and more than likely end with a Brogue Kick to Del Rio's face.

    It's hard to understand why the WWE pays so little attention to their World Heavyweight title that they would constantly recycle the Sheamus vs. Del Rio match up.  Does anyone at this point want this match to even happen?

    The bigger question though, is how will this match differ from their brawl at Money In The Bank?

    Alberto Del Rio continues to get some undeserved push.  It's going to take a lot though, for the WWE to put him over Sheamus.

    If Del Rio does manage to win this match, Ziggler might try and cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Del Rio, and take the title for himself.

    Yes, Ziggler cashing in his contract is the only thing that could possibly make this match interesting.

    Look for Del Rio to focus on the arm like he always does, and while he might be able to come out as aggressive as he did at Money In The Bank, it still won't be enough to overcome the Great White.

    Del Rio simply cannot handle Sheamus, and it's time for the WWE to move on from this boring pair and give the spotlight to someone else instead of Del Rio.

    Predicted winner: Sheamus

WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Big Show

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    The triple threat match between CM Punk, John Cena, and the Big Show would have been the best match of the night, if Big Show wasn’t involved.

    Again, we are forced to believe that the Big Show is some type of threat in the WWE.  So far though, he has failed to come up with a win at any Pay-Per-View since his heel turn.

    The WWE plans to sell Big Show as a threat, then maybe giving him the title would be a good place to start.  At the same time though, it would seem like a waste to push Show as the champion over Punk or Cena.  Who would really want to see Show as the champion?

    Punk will end up winning this match in the end.  It might have been a little harder to tell who would win if this match was just a regular one-on-one brawl, but a triple threat makes it a little safer to say that Punk will be the one with his hand raised when this match is over.

    That's what we want, though.  This match might play into helping Punk get over more as a heel.  With Big Show and Cena still feuding with each other, what role will Punk end up playing?

    Will he help Cena take out the Big Show early on?  Or will Punk go after Cena for not shaking his hand on RAW?

    This match could end up being solid in the end. We know Punk can put on a spectacular match, and his bouts with Cena last year were good, but the Big Show could end up slowing this match down.

    Yes, the Big Show is boring, but hopefully he doesn't ruin this match too much.

    Predicted winner: CM Punk

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

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    Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar will be the match of the night.  We already know both of these wrestlers can put on a show, and after months of build up between the two, we can finally see these goliaths clash at SummerSlam.

    With the recent attack on Shawn Michaels this past Monday night on RAW, the feud between Lesnar and Triple H has escalated.

    Will Shawn Michaels make an appearance at SummerSlam?  Only a fool would think the Show Stopper would miss out on a chance to steal the show, but with the announcement that Michaels won't be there, Triple H could be on his own.

    Expect this match to end up being the main event, after all, this feud started months ago, and fans have been waiting for Lesnar and Triple H to slug it out.

    It's hard to pinpoint who will walk away the victor when everything is said and done on Sunday.  Lesnar is a serious threat, especially with his UFC background, but so far we have seen Triple H able to handle his own in the ring with Lesnar.

    Still, Lesnar needs this win more.  After coming back and losing to John Cena at Extreme Rules, what would be the point now for Lesnar to lose to Triple H as well?  Lesnar's build up as some type of monster heel would be ruined with a loss to Triple H.

    With talk of the Undertaker picking his WrestleMania 29 opponent at SummerSlam, Lesnar winning this match makes even more sense.  With Lesnar's limited schedule, setting up a WrestleMania match at SummerSlam would not only fit perfectly, but would give the WWE time to build the match up.

    Look for this match to be one of the best of the night, but expect Lesnar to walk away the victor when everything is over.

    Predicted winner: Brock Lesnar


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