London Olympics 2012: Images to Remember

Madhusudan G RaoContributor IIIAugust 18, 2012

London Olympics 2012: Images to Remember

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    The London Olympics had its moments over the last 15 days when billions of users watched around the world—moments that would not only define this edition but also change the lives of many athletes who starred in them.

    Athletes have four more years to make their mark at the Olympic arena again. In between, there will be retirements, newer opponents, injuries and many more changes in the lives of sportsmen and women.

    The opening and closing ceremonies themselves were events that will remain incomparable with any others.

    Let us then revisit the moments that made the 2012 Olympics memorable.

The Water

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    The diving and swimming events saw a lot of records broken in the water.

    Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin and Ye Shiwen were just some of the names that ruled the water!

The Mat

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    Gymnastics is and will always remain one of the favorite artistic sports in the Olympics.

    The performance of various artistes in London was a treat for sore eyes.

The Grass

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    Men's football saw heartbreak for favourites Brazil, who had been expected to win the gold. The favoured USA women's squad did come through and win the gold for the third time in a row at the Olympics.

The Mat

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    The wrestling competitions saw a lot of injuries to players but what hurt more was the loss of a medal!


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    Spills galore in the company of one of the finest animals on show!

The Ring

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    Boxing can be easily regarded as the most violent sport on the planet for the potential damage it can cause. 

    But, when boxers win their bout, celebrations can be equally wild!

Water (again)

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    Water Polo is as enjoyable for the players as for the spectators!

The Mat

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    Weightlifting is usually associated not only with weights but also falls!


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    Beach volleyball lost its sheen because of the cold weather, which made some players forsake the bikinis or shorts and dress more warmly!!


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    A sport that hides the emotions behind the mask—but not for long!

Artificial Surface

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    Hockey changed its colours to blue to be in sync with the Olympics, but the winners did not change!


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    Synchronization – the word can be explained by this event alone!

Track and Field

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    The athletes had heartburns more than anyone else!


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    Does he have a canoe or not?


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    Triathlon can be a strenuous sport, not for the weak-hearted!

Basketball Court

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    The presence of the famous USA team made others cry!


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    The sport of judo also had its share of ups and downs!

Badminton Court

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    The badminton court was coloured red !!


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    Archers made their mark at the Lords Cricket ground—a wonderful gesture by the MCC to participate in the Olympics.


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    Wimbledon also had a makeover, changing the surroundings and colours.

Closing Ceremony

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    Spice Girls!

    Where were they all these years? What an event to make a comeback!

    A fitting finale for the wonderful London Olympics