If Kurt Angle Returned to the WWE Tomorrow, Would You Cheer?

Max TowleAnalyst IAugust 15, 2012

Image via tvcoliseum.com
Image via tvcoliseum.com

One of the greatest moments in my wrestling-watching life was seeing Kurt Angle return to the WWE in mid-2003 after he spent months on the sidelines recovering from a severe neck injury.

He was always my favourite—he had the best theme, the best moves and killed it whenever anyone was wise enough to put a microphone in his hands.

Forget his borderline-unstable behaviour of recent months, he's a legend of the industry—his accomplishments and acts of physical endurance rank up there with the very best.

When his music hit on that June episode of SmackDown, I marked out—hard.

Angle was marking out too—glad to be back after a difficult spell in rehab nursing an injury that would have put most guys out for twice as long—he was having a ball.

The "You Suck" chants were affectionate, despite their base meaning.

Absence had made the crowd's heart grow stronger, and three months of it was enough to provoke such a strong response.

But what if Angle returned to the WWE tomorrow after six years?

Would there be a similar reaction, or has he been gone for too long, toiling in the rival company TNA?

I'm sure you all have a strong opinion on this one, and I am no different: Yes.

If Brock Lesnar can make grown men scream by returning, then yes, the Olympic hero and technical genius Kurt Angle would make those same men weep with joy.

It would perhaps be too obvious to say that the WWE needs a guy like Angle on the roster right now.

It would be too easy to take shots at Cena and Sheamus and decry the lack of depth in the company.

So I wont.

What I would be willing to argue is that Angle was the final remnant of the Attitude Era—nights spent fighting The Rock, Benoit, Stone Cold and Guerrero to crowds who had no idea they had it so good.

He may now be 43 years of age and counting, beat to hell, his mind half gone but he can still put on a show with the best of them.

And if he ever returned to fight CM Punk, Cena or even Drew McIntyre, it would be a main event to end all main events.

And those "You Sucks?"

I don't think fans could ever chant such negative words with such a smile on their faces.