New Orleans Saints: 3 Things We'll Learn in the Preseason

Jason Bernos@Berns247Contributor IIAugust 15, 2012

New Orleans Saints: 3 Things We'll Learn in the Preseason

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    The New Orleans Saints' preseason has been very quiet compared to its offseason brethren but, make no mistake, it's still had its share of nuggets to be worked out.

    Coming off a division title, this Saints team hasn't had to retool as much as deal with a few minor hiccups here and there. 

    Those are the three things that will be found out by Who Dat Nation before Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins come to town in Week 1.

The Wide Receiver Depth Chart

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    This position can play out in a couple of different scenarios, but they all hinge on what to do with Devery Henderson.

    Henderson can no longer separate anymore, and that was his key asset to this team. His inconsistent hands won't be overlooked anymore when he's not 10 yards past a safety. 

    Beyond Marques Colston and Lance Moore, no one's jobs are secure.

    The injuries that have happened to Nick Toon and Adrian Arrington have opened doors to others to climb the depth chart. Those injuries also factor in whether Henderson would be let go or not.

    Do you keep Colston, Moore, Henderson, Courtney Roby (who has come on strong this preseason), Andy Tanner (backup slot receiver who has also improved his stock this preseason.) and Joe Morgan while waiving Arrington and put Toon on injured reserve for the season, a la their sixth-round pick Andrew Tiller this past week?

    Or, do you cut Henderson and add Toon in his place for this season?

    That also is going to depend on how Toon comes back from his injury. If it's slow, scenario one will happen, and if not, scenario two.

    Whatever happens, this group is stockpiled with talent.

Chris Ivory's Fate

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    I was a big Chris Ivory fan when he burst on the scene a few years ago, but his nagging injury issues and ball security have pushed him further down the depth charts.

    The emergence of rookie Travaris Cadet hasn't helped, either.

    Despite all of that, the Saints have still given him the most opportunities to run the rock and prove himself more than any of the other backs. Why do you think that?

    Because Ivory is their best trade bait out there, and the Saints are a little needy at defensive end and cornerback to keep a fringe player at a loaded position.

    So what will happen?

    Will Ivory's increased workload start to pay off and see him rise up the depth charts and stay, or will he get a fresh start somewhere else? 

    This will be very interesting to watch.

Will Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith's Suspensions Be Reduced/Erased?

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    Just recently, Jonathan Vilma got some good news in his case to get his suspension (and Will Smith and the other player's suspended in the bounty case) lifted. 

    The judge in the case wanted to rule in favor of Vilma's side, but didn't know if she had jurisdiction. She would rather Roger Goodell and Vilma come to an understanding, or reduced suspension, on their own so she won't have to make a precedent-setting decision.

    August 30th is the date of the final hearing and will be the day Vilma and others find out if their suspensions are dropped/lowered.

    An interesting meeting happened between Goodell and Saints owner Tom Benson on Tuesday to discuss the Saints bounty investigation. They will supposedly be meeting a lot in the upcoming days and weeks before the hearing.

    You have to wonder if Goodell is trying to save face and reduce suspensions, especially in light of the Saints and Mickey Loomis being cleared in the wiretapping scandal.

    Either way, Who Dat Nation will know before the season starts if Vilma will be back on the field for the black and gold.