5 Reasons Why Citi Field Will Be a Great All-Star Game Host in 2013

Alex Ott@the_otter15Contributor IAugust 15, 2012

5 Reasons Why Citi Field Will Be a Great All-Star Game Host in 2013

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    The 2012 season is all but over for the Mets, but "there's always next year" carries extra significance for New York fans heading into 2013.

    Sure there's Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler to look forward to watching, but the highlight event of the year will definitely be when the Mets host the Midsummer Classic.

    With the release of the All-Star Game logo last week, excitement is building all around New York as the city prepares to host the biggest and brightest stars in all of baseball. 

    Built in 2009, Citi Field boasts all the modern amenities a baseball fan could possibly want when hosting an All-Star Game. Here's a look at the top five features that make the ballpark in Flushing a perfect venue for the game.

The Home Run Apple

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    Nothing says Mets more than the infamous "Home Run Apple" that springs out of the hat in center field any time a New York player hits a dinger.

    What a cool spectacle it will be when an All-Star goes deep during the game and the apple rises while they're rounding the bases. For many American League fans, this will be their first look at Citi Field, and the Home Run Apple will likely be the most memorable aspect of Citi Field for them.

    And how about a little Home Run Derby fun? Hit the ball in the hat, make it count double. (Not actually true.)

The Pepsi Porch

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    This one is purely Home Run Derby related. The Pepsi Porch (or the right field overhang for you non-Mets fans) will be a subject of major interest during the derby due to the left-handed power hitters having a mammoth distance to strive for.

    Like a ball into the fountains at last year's contest, a ball over the Pepsi Porch will cause the fans to go wild. Not only that, but the Pepsi Porch is one of the most scenic aspects of the stadium.

The Open View from the Concourse

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    Unlike the old Shea Stadium or other ballparks around the country, Citi Field lets the fans watch the on-field action regardless of their location at a concession stand or concourse store.

    Fans will undoubtedly be wandering the stadium during the game to buy merchandise and food and by having an open ballpark, they will be much more likely to move because they won't fear missing any of the game.

Center Field Fan Area

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    The center field fan area, one of the busiest parts of the ballpark during a Mets game, will be overflowing with visitors during the All-Star Game. It boasts a batting cage, Wiffle ball field, dunk tank and stage for Mr. Met, as well as the best available food options around the stadium.

    This will set the tone for a great fan atmosphere during the game. During batting practice fans can bring their kids, hang out at the beer garden or eat delicious food. It's scenic and fan-friendly, two of the biggest factors when determining the success of an All-Star game.

The Historic Feel

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    Back in 2006 when construction of Citi Field began, the goal was simple: honor Ebbets Field. Looking at the exterior design and the beautiful old-fahioned light structures, Citi Field is an amazing mixture of historic integrity and modern design.

    The All-Star Game is just that. All-Star games are where magic happens. No one will forget Torii Hunter's robbed home run, Pete Rose running over the catcher, or Josh Hamilton's home run display at the 2008 derby. Citi Field provides the perfect backdrop for magic to occur.