WWE SummerSlam 2012: Why Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Jericho Will Steal the Show

Travis SmithAnalyst IIAugust 14, 2012

Photo from www.a-listsports.blogspot.com
Photo from www.a-listsports.blogspot.com

The WWE is getting ready to embark on the silver anniversary of the second biggest pay-per-view event of the entire year, SummerSlam.

It looks like every match on the card has the potential to be something special, from Brock Lesnar's war with Triple H to the WWE championship match, which involves the top two biggest draws currently in the company (CM Punk and John Cena).

While all the matches at SummerSlam look to be very good, the one match that I have no doubt will steal the show is Chris Jericho versus "The Showoff," Dolph Ziggler.

This feud has been building up since last month when Dolph Ziggler won the world heavyweight championship version of the Money in the Bank ladder match. Chris Jericho put on a wonderful effort but came up short in the WWE championship ladder match, which began the series of questions surrounding one main idea: could Chris Jericho win the big one?

Now Ziggler and Jericho have been playing off each other very well since they began feuding last month, and the feud has since resulted in Jericho returning his famed "Y2J" persona and made him a babyface yet again. The move really created a strong buzz around Jericho and around this potential feud, so when the match was announced, fans were happy to hear it.

I believe that this match will be one that can be a match-of-the-year candidate, as you have two superstars who really seem to mirror each other both inside the ring and on the microphone. This match is also a chance for Jericho to really put over Ziggler and still show fans that he can perform on the big stage.

Jericho is going on tour with Fozzy right after SummerSlam, so this might be the last time we see Jericho in the WWE for 2012 or quite possibly ever. While fans hope that Jericho doesn't leave the WWE forever, they can take in the fact that this match is going to be one that they will never forget.

The match is going to benefit Dolph Ziggler, as he is finally getting a main event push against a superstar the caliber of Jericho. Ziggler has done so much in the WWE, but he hasn't been given a chance to really show how good he is on a major event like SummerSlam.

Expect Ziggler to put in an effort that we haven't ever seen before.

I think this match will benefit both superstars and will be one that fans tout as the match of the night. These two superstars have something to prove not only to themselves but to the entire WWE universe.

While there will be a winner and a loser in the match, I'd say the real winners will be the fans that get to witness this epic showdown this Sunday at SummerSlam.


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