WWE News: Vince McMahon Furious with Roddy Piper After Weak Segment

Max TowleAnalyst IAugust 14, 2012

Image via WWE.com
Image via WWE.com

According to Raj Giri on Wrestlinginc.com, Vince McMahon was unhappy with the Piper's Pit portion of Monday Night RAW and is threatening to can the proposed "legends" segment as a consequence.

The report claims that McMahon tried to intervene at one point because it was so lackluster.

"According to a source, Vince was screaming into his headset during the segment," the story reveals. "Michael Cole's line about the segment 'starting to stink' obviously came from Vince. Don't expect Piper to pop up with another 'Piper's Pit' any time soon."

The segment involved Piper discussing the upcoming SummerSlam Pay-Per-View with Chris Jericho before being interrupted by both Dolph Ziggler and The Miz.

After some back-and-forth banter, the four eventually broke into a fist fight, which ended in an impromptu triple-threat match scheduled between Jericho, Ziggler and Miz.

"As noted earlier, there was talk last month about making the "Legends" segments a recurring feature on RAW. At the time, Vince McMahon was said to have been leaning towards it and utilizing legends under a blanket legends deal. "

"Since then, Vince has turned down several pitches to continue featuring legends on RAW each Monday. Roddy Piper's poor performance last night did not help matters."

Piper has periodically returned to the company, usually to present his standard interview show.

It now remains to be seen when he'll next be allowed back on WWE television.