5 Unintentionally Silly Sports Words

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5 Unintentionally Silly Sports Words
Because someone had to approve this.

A common phrase in the oppressive land of Westeros is, “Words are wind and so are farts.” I believe Daenerys Targaryen was the first to utter the phrase, and like all truthful witticisms, the expression spread and soon everyone was saying it. Now only hipsters refuse to say it and we stone them to death for being witches.

And that’s what I wish to look at today: words. Not wind or farts since they cannot be viewed but only felt and smelled.

More specifically, I wish to look at sports words, sports terminology. I am not a sports journalist or a sports writer; no, I pretend to be an editor, though I like to think I pretend quite well. Editing is the Hobbes to my Calvin.

I like words. I like it when people use them incorrectly because that makes me feel smart, and I like it when people use them in interesting ways because that helps the language evolve and change—be it a regression or a progression.

Sports terminology is no different, and so, here we are.

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