Media Humbled in London Olympic Blooper Reel

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Things weren't all smooth at the London Olympics. And for this, we are quite grateful. 

The posted video (h/t Hot Clicks) features a few media members in some of the more bizarre moments in Olympic reporting. 

As with anything, there are hits, misses and guffaws all around. 

It starts with an overzealous bell ringer shattering his instrument in two, but comes away looking far more charming than any of us on our best days. 

We get the requisite tongue twister as an anchor grapples with the term Team GB. A field reporter is draped in all things Mexico, while another gets a big smooch right on the cheek. 

It's all celebratory goodness with but one baby hiccup. Was I the only one who thought the lady at the :50 second mark was going to tumble down during a live taping of the Today Show?

So much for blooper expectations being fulfilled. 

The greatest moment had to be London mayor Boris Johnson delivering a rousing speech to the Olympians, only to use the word orgy, invoking a chorus of chuckles. 

Fare thee well, Olympics. Even your mistakes were quite memorable. 


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