Little League World Series 2012 Bracket: Top American Teams to Watch

Eric BallFeatured ColumnistAugust 15, 2012

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The Little League World Series kicks off on Thursday in Williamsport, PA, and it’s about that time for you to become familiar with the teams involved.

As usual, there will be plenty of international competition from the likes of Japan and Germany; but there are multiple US squads that have the talent to complete a summer they’ll never forget in the 66th annual World Series.

There are 16 teams littered with 11- and 12-year-olds involved in the festivities, and these three will surely grab your attention.


Petaluma (Calif.)

This bunch has already endured some serious controversy before even getting to Williamsport.

With a berth to a trip across the country on the line, the National Little League All-Stars were winning 7-6 against Hawaii when something incredibly strange occurred.

California’s manager walked to the mound so he could discuss the current situation (two outs, runner on second) but was stopped by third basemen Porter Slate, who told him that the last run to score failed to touch third base.

They appealed, the ump confirmed that the runner didn’t touch the bag and the game was over. It was a bizarre ending to a thrilling game, and now, Slate has to be considered one of the most heads-up players in the history of Little League.

This team is playing with house money now and should be one of the contenders to take home the grand prize.


Kearney (NE.)

The Midwest representative has one of the best players in the tournament in Thad Huber.

Huber sported a .588 average with 12 RBI in the regional tournament and was light’s out on the mound as well. He had a 1-0 record and pitched the final three innings of the clinching game.

Remember the name Thad Huber; he’s going to be a star in the next few days…and potentially in another decade as well.


Goodlettsville (Tenn.)

This team is hot, and pitcher Brock Myers has been the main reason why.

The eighth grader was 10-0 during the regular season and sported a 4-1 mark on the All-Star team. His fastball can get up to 70 mph, which is rather stunning for somebody so young.

With position players like Lorenzo Butler, Luke Brown and Phillip Carter there to provide the offense, this is a really stacked team and one of the favorites heading into Williamsport.