Top 3 Reasons Why Chad Johnsons' Career Is Not Over

Alvaro AlfaroCorrespondent IIAugust 14, 2012

Top 3 Reasons Why Chad Johnsons' Career Is Not Over

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    Chad Johnson has had a rough month so far, but at 34 years old, his career isn't down the drain just yet.

    Johnson was released by the Miami Dolphins just one day after being arrested on a domestic battery charge.

    As lovable as Johnson is, no team appears eager to sign the flamboyant receiver right now. ESPN analyst Adam Schefter even described him  as, "Radioactive to other teams around the league."

    However, with players like Terrell Owens and Randy Moss on NFL teams, it's not far-fetched to believe Johnson will get another shot down the road. 

1. Johnson Is Still in Great Shape

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    Even though Johnson has been slumping since 2009, it isn't because the man is out of shape.

    On the contrary, he's still in great shape after playing in the NFL for over a decade. His inability to post Pro Bowl-type numbers could be a mixture of lack of focus and being on incompatible teams.

    If Johnson were overweight, than his career would be a foregone conclusion; but that just isn't the case yet. Since he still has an NFL body, teams will look at him as a viable option if they're desperate for receiver help. 

2. T.O. Found Work

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    The brightest light here is that if T.O. could land a job, than there's hope for anyone.

    He has been labeled as one of the most volatile players in history, and a ticking time bomb for locker rooms.

    However, Owens was recently signed by the Seattle Seahawks. Hell, even Randy Moss was given a chance this season with the San Francisco 49ers

    Since Johnson doesn't have anywhere near the type of baggage that those two bring, there's still a good chance teams will pick him up in the future. 

3. Time Away from Football Could Be the Key

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    A one-year hiatus could be very beneficial for Johnson if he isn't signed by another team this season.

    While missing a year doesn't work for everyone, it has proved beneficial to some players in recent history.

    Michael Vick was forced to stay away from the game for two seasons and he came back just as good, if not better. That is the best-case scenario for Johnson, but there's also a downside for missing time.

    Things didn't quite work out the same way for Ricky Williams and Plaxico Burress. Both players missed a few years, but upon their arrival they proved to be shells of what they once were.