NFL Free Agent Anthony 'Spice' Adams Unveils Hilarious NBA Mixtape

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 14, 2012

I wanna be, I wanna be like Spice. 

Anthony "Spice" Adams has some free time on his hands. The former Chicago Bears DT is looking for work, and he has quite the resume. (h/t SportsGrid)

Sure he could head towards some other NFL camp that could use this sort of player, but he has better ideas. 

No, he has genius ideas. They all involve playing sports well outside his comfort zone, or so it would seem, because this mountain of a man has some serious skills. 

You only need to see his killer crossover at the 1:10 mark to know that he could be a dynamic player on any NBA team. The man broke me off as I watched the video, causing me to somehow break my ankles while I sat. 

And then his hops? Get out of here, because the man's built like an old-school Eddy Curry or a new-school Shawn Kemp and has some serious hang time. 

You could make a succulent roast in the time it takes this monster of the hard court to sky in the air—of course causing comparisons to the great one himself, Michael Jordan. 

There is nothing he can't do, boxing and shooting pool like a real champion. Take note, NFL teams; you may want to pull the trigger and sign Spice now. 

You will kick yourself when he is running up and down the NBA court shortly. You feel me?


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