WWE: Are They Putting Antonio Cesaro in a Position to Fail?

Michael Prunka@MichaelPrunkaCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2012

Yesterday morning, NoDQ.com posted a story on the backstage feelings regarding Smackdown newbie Antonio Cesaro.

WWE officials are said to be on the fence about SmackDown Superstar Antonio Cesaro, formerly known as Claudio Castagnoli on the independents. He's considered by some to be a "now or never" talent and the hope is that he will have a breakout moment here soon. 

For those of you familiar with Cesaro's work in Ring of Honor, it's clear that he is a top notch talent capable of achieving great things in the WWE. However, this supposed feeling among WWE officials, combined with the way he's been booked may spell bad news for the up-and-coming star.

Since joining the main roster, Cesaro has found himself a valet and set his sights on the United States Championship. Without a doubt, he's accomplished quite a bit in his short time as a Smackdown Superstar. 

For one, Ceasro owns multiple victories over United States Champion Santino Marella and will challenge for the championship in the SummerSlam free preview. In addition, Cesaro has had the opportunity to trade blows with WWE veterans like Christian.

I would say that Cesaro has been impressive thus far. But is he being put in a position to deliver that aforementioned "breakout moment?"

Sure, getting an opportunity to challenge for a singles title this early in his WWE career is impressive. That said, I believe Cesaro would be more poised to breakout if his match was on the main card for SummerSlam. As one of the WWE's marquee pay-per-views, SummerSlam is an ideal stage for Cesaro to have that breakout moment.

Even is Cesaro has a great match with Marella and wins the championship, the YouTube pre-show isn't exactly the premier stage for one to have a career defining moment. In that respect, I don't believe the WWE is really giving Cesaro the tools to accomplish what they expect of him. 

On the other hand, Cesaro could impress WWE officials beyond having a great match and becoming the new United States Championship. The WWE's partnership with YouTube is still relatively new and I'm sure the numbers for the pre-show matches are still very important.

Perhaps if Antonio Cesaro vs. Santino Marella draws plenty of viewers, Cesaro will find himself in the good graces of his superiors. I still don't think he can have a breakout moment on the pre-show stage, but he can impress officials.

There's no telling how long officials will wait for Cesaro to breakout. If he isn't going to be given any sort of prominent spot on the SummerSlam card, I hope that they find time for him on Monday Night Raw. Especially if he wins the United States Championship, it shouldn't be difficult to find some time to feature him.

Like I said, Antonio Cesaro is extraordinarily talented. Even so, he can only take himself so far. If the WWE is going to sit back and idly wait for Cesaro to become a breakout star, there's a good chance he won't. The WWE needs to give him the tools to succeed. Make him United States Champion, have someone like Zack Ryder chase him for the belt, and give him some more mic time.

I certainly hope that the WWE doesn't sit back and squander Cesaro's talent. I firmly believe that he is capable of becoming a main event talent someday. So long as they get behind him, he's destined to do great things in the WWE.


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