WWE Smackdown: Booker T, Not AJ, Is the General Manager Mistake

Robert AitkenAnalyst ISeptember 7, 2012

Photo courtesy of wwe.com
Photo courtesy of wwe.com

Tonight is the latest broadcast of Smackdown, which has been under the guidance of Booker T since the former WCW champion was put in charge five weeks ago. That was the same week that AJ Lee officially took over as the general manager of the RAW brand. Recently, the attention has seemed to turn toward AJ and her inability to control the three-hour show, questioning her immediate future as an authority figure. However, it seems to me like Booker T is the one who has less control over his brand than AJ, who is stealing the headlines.

I want everyone to understand that this article does not contain any spoilers for tonight's episode. I don't need what happened on Smackdown this week to verify the point that Booker T is not a good general manager. Ever since he has taken over, order has failed to be established and a lot of questions have been raised. A lot of them center around Sheamus and the World Heavyweight Championship.

Looking back a few weeks, Sheamus was beaten savagely by the hood of Del Rio's car. In payback for that, Sheamus stole Del Rio's car and even went to Tout to show his grand theft auto skills off in 15-second intervals. Del Rio's ride was returned with a big mess in both the inside and the outside of the vehicle. Del Rio threatened to go to the police, while Booker T did nothing.

What Del Rio did end up doing was have men come to the ring dressed as police officers. In what was a World Heavyweight Championship match between Del Rio and Sheamus, the match never got started as the policemen were actually hired guys by Del Rio to savagely beat Del Rio.

In a fit of rage, Booker T cancelled the SummerSlam match between Sheamus and Del Rio, which did not make Del Rio very happy. Sheamus can steal a car and go unpunished, but a beatdown, which is common practice in pro wrestling circles, merits cancelling a title match for SummerSlam?

Things got even more strange leading up to SummerSlam. The Smackdown prior to the pay-per-view saw Booker T make a match between Del Rio and Chris Jericho with the winner getting a future World Heavyweight Championship match. Booker T reiterated that Sheamus will not be competing at SummerSlam. After a Del Rio win and involvement by Sheamus, it took the begging of Sheamus to get the match reinstated for SummerSlam.

So, an unpunished Sheamus got to get his SummerSlam match with Del Rio upon his own request? It may not sound too terrible, but then Booker T was uncharacteristically absent from SummerSlam, his first time missing a pay-per-view since his return to WWE. Whether he was competing or serving as a commentator, Booker T on a pay-per-view has been something to be expected. Conveniently, Booker T did not show his face during the title match, which saw Sheamus use Ricardo Rodriguez's shoe to strike Del Rio, followed by knocking Del Rio's foot off the ropes after the pinfall. Had he left the foot there, the referee could have continued the match by realizing the rope break.

Let's just recap things for a second to show how much Sheamus has gotten to this point. He was relieved of a title defense, only to have it put back on by personally requesting it later on. He also got back at Alberto Del Rio by stealing his car and desecrating it, while going unpunished. He then was given payback by Del Rio for stealing the car, which prompted the cancellation of the match before Sheamus' request. Sheamus also cheated at SummerSlam to keep his championship and not one thing was done about it.

Del Rio wasn't even an automatic number one contender, having to defeat Randy Orton to get another chance at Sheamus. Sheamus then attacked Del Rio's personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez. Rodriguez is a non-wrestler and, even though they often deserve it, are really not in a position to survive an attack and be in good shape following it. The sight of David Otunga with Alberto Del Rio makes this entire scenario all the more intriguing.

AJ Lee may have an understaffed show, but Booker T has potential legal action coming his way. AJ may have Vickie Guerrero as a thorn, but only Booker T has to deal with David Otunga, who had a hand in a walk out due to unsafe working conditions when Triple H was running RAW not too long ago. AJ has been reprimanded by the WWE Board of Directors, which makes Booker's lack of action all the more appalling.

AJ Lee may appear to be on the hot seat with RAW, but it is the favoritism for World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and the lack of protection for the rest of the Smackdown roster that should have Booker T and his future as a general manager up for questioning.