Tampa Bay Buccaneers Alumni Praise Greg Schiano After He Explodes at Practice

Knox BardeenNFC South Lead WriterAugust 14, 2012

Photo courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times.
Photo courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times.

Monday was Alumni Day in Tampa, and 25 former Tampa Bay Buccaneers attended a practice session at One Buccaneer Place, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

The alumni got a chance to interact with players and coaches and get a taste of what new head coach Greg Schiano and his new regime was all about.

In addition to hobnobbing with the team, former players witnessed the harsher side of Schiano when lackluster results brought the fury from an animated head coach.

After what Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times called a disastrous full-team drill was completed, penalties in the next drill and a fumble caused Schiano to boil over.

“That’s two fumbles and a holding penalty!,” Schiano bellowed. “Wake up! Start the period over! We’re not going to compromise!”

The sloppy play didn’t come to an end, so Schiano stopped practice and gathered the team for a sit-down at midfield. When rookie running back Doug Martin fumbled shortly thereafter, Schiano took the first-team offense and defense off the practice field and brought on the second team.

Monday’s outburst was the second such tongue lashing of training camp, and the head coach did not apologize after practice.

“Sometimes that happens,” Schiano said. “If you’re a little sloppy, you stop it and get it back on the right path.”

Instead of whispered disapproval from the alumni in attendance, it turns out that Schiano was praised for his coaching methods, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Former safety Mark Robinson said Schiano ruled with an iron fist, which wasn’t a bad thing.

"I think it's good for players to come out and have some challenges, because I don't think you can put a premium on hard work. I think it'll sift some people out, and hopefully it'll put a better product on the field."

Former wide receiver Horace Copeland mimicked Robinson’s feelings.

"He's (Schiano) going to push the guys to the max, get the most potential out of (them) and I think that's what it's all about. If they keep it up, it's good potential for the season."

Robinson was impressed with the way Schiano opened up the doors of the facility to the alumni—something former coach Jon Gruden did with regularity. Robinson said that the alumni combined with the current players were all part of the building process.

Schiano commented that the get-together was too short—lightning ended practice early—and hoped the alumni would “stay part of this program” as much as possible.