Pierre Garcon Will Have Breakout Year with Washington Redskins

Kathleen So@@kathleensoCorrespondent IIAugust 14, 2012

Pierre Garcon Will Have Breakout Year with Washington Redskins

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    Pierre Garcon will see his best season yet with the Washington Redskins.

    Garcon will prove to be worth every penny for the Washington Redskins as he makes 2012 his breakout year in the NFC East. The Redskins signed him to a five-year, $42.5 million contract.

    Garcon was a crucial part of the Indianapolis Colts’ offense, and now he’ll have a chance to shine in Washington.

    This will be his year. Why you ask?

    Let's take a look.

Track Record

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    Pierre Garcon left Indianapolis after his best season with the Colts.

    2011 was a difficult year for the Colts as they struggled without longtime starting quarterback, Peyton Manning. That left Garcon to show his worth. The wide receiver played in 16 games, recorded 947 total yards and six touchdowns. Garcon has many more seasons left in him.

    He’s just breaking in his game, and 2012 with the Redskins will definitely prove to be his breakout year—especially because while the Colts will be rebuilding this year, the Redskins will be growing.

    The team has consistently struggled the past few seasons, but they’ve been molding younger players and boosted their offense by picking up the No. 2 draft pick, Robert Griffin III.

    So far, Garcon’s track record looks good, and he’s already caused quite the stir in Washington.

    “Evidence of a budding connection was clear in Washington’s 7-6 victory. Griffin completed three passes to Garcon on an eight-play, 80-yard touchdown drive,” (via Rich Campbell from The Washington Times).

    The Redskins are counting on Pierre Garcon to deliver. While he was playing in Indianapolis, Garcon was competing with Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark on the receiving end (via Mark Maske from The Washington Post).

    All Garcon needs is a little spotlight, and he’ll get it in Washington. Garcon will have a breakout year because he can. He’s in a new city, with a new team and a fresh new season.

    Garcon has something to prove in Washington and he’ll make sure that he doesn’t disappoint.

The Redskins Need Him

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    The Washington Redskins paid big for Pierre Garcon and they’re already seeing the payoff.

    Garcon will succeed this year with a brand new team and a fresh start. Garcon delivered a touchdown during the team’s first preseason game against the Buffalo Bills.

    The Redskins won 7-6 and seemed happy with their investment in the wide receiver.

    The Redskins need him not only for his ability to deliver, but also because of his persona. He is a committed player and is well respected throughout the league.

    And perhaps the most important thing: His teammates trust him.

    Garcon is learning and growing on the Redskins along with rookie quarterback Griffin. For Garcon to have a breakout year, he’ll need the help of his teammates and chemistry with his quarterback. Griffin can breathe easy knowing that he has an experienced and highly acclaimed wide receiver on his side.

    After training camp and their game against the Bills, Griffin spoke about Garcon’s performance:

    He’s confident going across the middle because he knows nobody can really punish him because of his body building and the amount of work he puts in in the weight room. He’s definitely an explosive receiver. Got great hands, downfield speed, and he’s big and tough. So I think he’s got the total package, (via Rich Campbell from The Washington Times).

    Of course, Garcon is not the only Redskin receiver. Santana Moss has been a long-time receiver for Washington, but both his age and his injury last season give Garcon some room to be the next star.

    The Redskins need Garcon and he will provide for them.

On-Field Chemistry

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    Garcon can only have a breakout year if he’s making the big plays and putting up numbers on the scoreboard.

    And that means locking in a strong relationship with quarterback Griffin. Mark Maske of The Washington Post  reported that “Griffin and Garcon seemed to be in sync, a positive sign for the Redskins”.

    Garcon is the first receiving option for Griffin and the Redskins, and the two have already shown chemistry on the field. As Griffin and Garcon develop their game together in Washington this season, it will make it  a lot easier for the wide receiver to rack up yards and deliver touchdowns.

    Garcon will utilize every resource he has to have a breakout year. His greatest resource?


    Griffin’s trust in Garcon will lead to better quarterback performance. And that will lead to success for Garcon on the Redskins. It’s a win-win for both players and for the team.

    This will be a breakout year for Garcon, and the start of a head-turning career for the 26-year-old receiver.