Washington Redskins: Are Robert Griffin III's Camp Troubles a Cause for Concern?

Brian FillerCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2012

ORCHARD PARK, NY - AUGUST 09:  Robert Griffin III #10 of the Washington Redskins hands off to Chris Cooley #47 of the Washington Redskins  at Ralph Wilson Stadium on August 9, 2012 in Orchard Park, New York.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

NFL preseason play has begun, and everyone in Washington finally has gotten their first look at Redskins QB Robert Griffin III in game action.

Griffin did not play as long as we all had hoped, but he finished with respectable numbers for the time played—4-of-6 for 70 yards and a touchdown—against the Buffalo Bills Thursday, Aug. 9.

Despite these impressive numbers, though, there are still two behaviors to watch out for going forward.



The first behavior of Griffin's to keep an eye on going forward is his decision-making, specifically in the red zone.

On Aug. 9, Griffin put together a nice drive, capped off with a bubble screen touchdown to Pierre Garcon. However, this always has not been the case for Griffin in practice, and we need to be careful going forward.

Notes from Saturday's practice show that Griffin was picked off by London Fletcher inside the red zone. This is not the first time Fletcher and Griffin have battled, as their practice competition has become one of the talks of the offseason. 

Now, I certainly am not implying that one interception in practice is a pattern to be seriously concerned about. What I am saying is that decision-making is one of the things all rookies struggle with in the NFL, and this is evidence of that. 

No matter how talented RG3 is, he still will struggle at times with making the correct decision because he lacks professional experience, which fosters proper decision-making.

Being picked off by Fletcher in the red zone is a prime example of this. The red zone exacerbates poor decision-making because of the condensed field, and savvy veterans such as Fletcher can exploit the power of the red zone.

Griffin will continue to succeed and struggle as the season progresses, but the Redskins simply should not ignore these mistakes. Decision-making is one of the most important parts of the quarterback position, and rookies notoriously struggle in this aspect.

Going forward, the Redskins coaching staff must put Griffin in many challenging situations in an effort to develop his decision-making skills early.



Anyone who watched the Redskins' first few series against the Bills on Thursday can tell you that the biggest problem for the offense is easily the offensive line. Whether on run plays or play-action passes, the Bills defense pushed the line back and got penetration.

Heading into the regular season, the Redskins need to be concerned with how Griffin handles the inevitable pressure.

Pressure is something Griffin has been no stranger to this offseason, but he will need to continue developing in this area. We were not able to see Griffin in too many high-pressure situations on Thursday, but rest assured, he will face plenty this offseason. The O-line is battling many injuries and will continue to allow pass-rushers access against Griffin.

Increased pressure from a pass-rush can lead to errant throws and, even more discouraging, hits. With Jammal Brown on the PUP list, the right tackle position is a complete liability and will need to be in the back of Griffin's mind.

The Redskins coaching staff will need to make sure Griffin is comfortable dealing with increased pressure, because he is sure to face it for the majority of the season.