MMA Fighter JP Joubert Wins Knockout Despite Cracking His Skull

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 13, 2012

Photo Credit: Tapology
Photo Credit: Tapology

JP Joubert recently came away with the win and a cracked skull, two things that would seem to be mutually exclusive. 

Big Lead Sports spotted this remarkable tale of one MMA fighter getting his dome broken only to leave the cage the victor. 

Now is not the time to whine about your stubbed toe or muscle cramps from your morning jog. 

Big Lead Sports has actual video of the fight that caused Joubert one ridiculous headache, one that led to this amazing picture. 

Joubert answered one of his fans with a CT Scan that is simply painful to look at.

@lwnuclear Thx buddy, no fight is easy

— EFC LHW CHAMP (@MRJoubert1) August 3, 2012


That dent where a smoothed-out skull should be is the result of one too many blows to the head at the light heavyweight championship fight at EFC Africa 15 last month. 

As the report issues, Joubert managed to beat Norman Wessels despite the awful injury, which was apparently one of many on a raucous night of fighting. 

EFC Africa has a report on the night's injuries. Among them is Joubert's listed as the following: "Frontal sinus fracture and concussion. Transported to hospital for CT scan and treatment."

We applaud the man for staying in the fight and finishing what he started. But really, feel free to throw in the towel when your skull gets broken. 

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