WVU Football: Where Does the Expression 'Leave No Doubt' Come From?

Michael WalkerAnalyst IIAugust 13, 2012

Michael Walker
Michael WalkerDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

Just as the Texas Tech Red Raiders say "Guns Up," WVU football fans have recently adopted the phrase "Leave No Doubt."

Where does that come from?

During coach Rich Rodriguez's last season, 2007, the Mountaineers boasted a dominant team that featured Pat White at quarterback and Steve Slaton at running back. They were ranked No. 2 in the nation going into a late-season game against a very mediocre Pitt team. WVU was favored by about four touchdowns.

Pitt's defense managed to shut down WVU's vaunted rushing game that night and won 13-9 in what ESPNU called the "game of the year." Missing out on an almost certain chance to play for a national championship, Rodriguez accepted the head coaching job at Michigan before the bowl game. Assistant coach Bill Stewart was named the interim coach.

Ninth-ranked WVU was picked to play against No. 4 Oklahoma in the 2008 Fiesta Bowl. Oklahoma was heavily favored. The Mountaineer players and fans felt like their coach had walked out on them, not even notifying them before he left. The team was emotionally devastated. Nearly every sports personality as well as the oddsmakers saw an easy Oklahoma victory.

Talent is still talent, and WVU was loaded that year. They had no doubt learned from the mistakes in the Pitt game that had exposed their Achilles' heel.

But in the locker room before the game, the late Coach Stewart gave a speech to the players that still gives me chills.

In his speech, Stewart told his players to "leave no doubt" in their opponents' minds that "they should not have played the Old Gold and Blue this night!" This YouTube video captured his speech.

WVU defeated Oklahoma that night, 48-28, to vindicate their loss to Pitt. Coach Stewart was named the new WVU head coach the next day. Mountaineer fans still consider that humbling of Oklahoma one of the school's greatest victories.

Watch the video of Coach Stewart's speech and you will understand why Mountaineer fans everywhere have adopted the phrase "Leave No Doubt!"

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