Jets Jettison Laveranues Coles

Rain ManCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2009

Laveranues Coles has been released by the Jets today. But according to, there is a chance that he returns to the team. They didn't leave on bad terms. Coles and the Jets couldn't reach an agreement for a new contract.

"We didn't leave on bad terms,'' Coles said. "It's not out of the question that I could come back." Rex Ryan says a new deal won't happen now, but later.

"Rex and I had a good talk,'' Coles said. "He explained to me that he didn't want to give veterans who are in their second contract a new deal before their current deal was completed."

"I explained to him that my situation was a little bit different because this situation has been ongoing. But I understand what Rex is trying to do and I don't want to jeopardize what he's trying to put in place. He has been honest with me from the word, 'Go.'"