Kobe Bryant Closes Olympics with Epic Unibrow Pic Featuring Anthony Davis

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 13, 2012

Photo Credit: Kobe Bryant Facebook
Photo Credit: Kobe Bryant Facebook

Kobe Bryant managed to create quite the stir before the Olympics closed. With the simple snap of a picture, we have photographic evidence of the meeting of the two most epic unibrows in the world. 

The U.S. team took gold over a Spanish team that very nearly pulled off an amazing upset. In the end, the Americans did what they needed to do, and everyone was all smiles afterwards. 

After immense work, it was time to let loose. 

One of the best moments came when the Black Mamba spotted a unibrow to rival the best in this nation. Here is the photo he posted on his Facebook page with the following caption: "Battle of the unibrow!!! Who wins???"

That picture just made my week. 

If it were any more epic, it would be Mike Trout's bat, Kobe Bryant's jump shot or a Lauren Tannehill photo shoot. 

Boston.com reports the man in the photo with superstar rookie Anthony Davis is Armenian wrestler Gadzhimurad Nurmagomedov

I really don't have to tally the votes or go to the instant replay on this one, because it's really no contest. Nurmagomedov wins in a dominant effort. 

Davis may rock the more iconic unibrow, but our Armenian pal here has him in overall bushy coverage, making his the grandest eyebrow in the world. 

We can only hope Rio 2016 includes such a unibrow-off. But if it does, Team USA will head into the competition with silver being the best we can hope for. 

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