The New York Rangers' 10 Best Celebrity Fans

Alex Davidow@alexshotimeContributor IIIAugust 14, 2012

The New York Rangers' 10 Best Celebrity Fans

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    Celebrities fascinate us.

    Like retired athletes in withdrawal of competition, people miss the gossip and drama of high school, and monitoring celebrities' personal lives is how us normal folk get our fix.  

    It must be a pain for celebrities to mix in with lowly civilians, which is why they fly in private jets and rent out restaurants. But unless you're Pablo Escobar, the only way to watch live pro sports is to go to the venue and sit with the masses. 

    Many celebrities are sports fans, but the smart ones are New York Rangers fans. 

    The Rangers didn't win a Stanley Cup last season, but they had a great run through the playoffs and most likely picked up quite a few fans for next season and beyond. Some of those new fans may be celebrities, since they like to attend marquee events like Game 7s, and the Rangers won two dramatic Game 7s at home.

    While this slideshow may contain celebrities that merely attended playoff games and won't be back until next spring, it's still cool to see a celebrity be passionate about hockey. 

    Well, it's cooler than seeing them flip off paparazzi after brunch. 

    Here are the Rangers ten best celebrity fans: 

Liam Neeson

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    "I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you."

    So, if you call me again while the Rangers are playing...I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

    Liam Neeson's epic quote from the movie Taken was tweaked ever so slightly to give it the context of his favorite hockey team. 

    Neeson was in attendance, looking happy throughout the Rangers' most recent playoff run and must be happy with the addition of Rick Nash. 

    Neeson's words for Nash and the 2012-13 Rangers: Good luck. 

Kate Upton

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    Here's a personal discipline test: 

    Go to Google images, type in Kate Upton, now try to stop looking at pictures of her. 

    Expect Upton to attend a game or two this season, and we can all take solace in the fact that she won't be dating Sean Avery.   

Justin Tuck

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    Justin Tuck loves sports. 

    He is often spotted at big games in New York, and I don't think he missed a Rangers home game during the playoffs. He definitely didn't miss Game 5 against Washington when his celebration of the overtime goal went viral.

    Blue supports Blue.

    The Rangers should return the favor when the Giants host the Cowboys on September 5th.  

Michael Strahan

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    Michael Strahan has transitioned smoothly to his role on TV (he's a serious contender to replace Regis as Kelly Ripa's daytime talk show co-host), but it hasn't affected his passion as a fan.

    Whether Strahan continues on Fox NFL Sunday or on TV in another capacity (we're looking at you Kelly!), we're sure to see him sitting rinkside, rooting for the Rangers in the future. 

John Legend

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    So, a tweet like this is pretty solid evidence against being a big fan, but hockey is probably the last sport around that is still better to watch in person than on TV, and I bet Legend hasn't attended his last hockey game. 

    Or his last Rangers game. 

Tim Robbins

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    Tim Robbins is the type of the guy you can see on a weeknight at MSG.

    Robbins is a big fan, and he used to appear often at games with his former wife, Susan Sarandon.  

Susan Sarandon

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    Out of the Robbins-Sarandon divorce, it's unclear who got to keep the Rangers. 

    Sarandon is still a regular at Rangers games, and though she probably doesn't sit with Robbins anymore, I bet she secretly tries to cheer louder than him.   

Matthew Modine

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    Matthew Modine was the good doctor in Any Given Sunday, and he's more recently been in The Dark Knight Rises. He's also a big Rangers and Knicks fan. 

    Modine is at MSG all the time, and there's no indication that will change for the 2012-13 season. 

Dennis Miller

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    I recall liking Dennis Miller during his brief stint on Monday Night Football, but looking at his best quotes, I may have just laughed at things I didn't get back then.

    Miller attends Rangers games to watch exciting live hockey like everyone else, but if you're lucky enough to sit next to him, maybe you'll hear a joke comparing Chris Kreider to Keanu Reaves...but I'm sure he can do better than that. 

Spike Lee

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    Everyone knows about Spike Lee and his courtside Knicks seats, but if Spike wants to watch meaningful playoff games, the Rangers are the only ticket in Manhattan.

    Spike got pretty into it during the playoff run, and I expect he'll be back next postseason, maybe even for a regular season game or two.

    Spike attended the home-opener last season because of the NBA lockout, and with an NHL lockout looking likely, he will probably swap his rinkside seats for courtside in November.