Arkansas Football Uniforms: Check out the Razorbacks' New Nike Pro Combat Design

Ian Berg@@ShugJordanPkwyCorrespondent IAugust 13, 2012

Arkansas Football Uniforms: Check out the Razorbacks' New Nike Pro Combat Design

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    Arkansas will step away from tradition this fall with the newly unveiled uniforms that Nike has dropped for the Razorbacks. Arkansas has unveiled an all-black version that it will wear this coming season as well as some new helmet designs. 

    The Razorbacks are not going too crazy—think Maryland or Oregon—but it will be a major change for the Razorbacks traditionalists.

    The Arkansas nation should welcome these subtle changes with open arms this coming season. Here is a look at the coming uniform changes for the Arkansas Razorbacks in 2012. 

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The Black Unis

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    Arkansas is bringing a new color to the traditional cardinal and white uniforms that have been worn in the past by adding an all-black uniform option to the lineup this coming fall. 

    Arkansas has been very consistent with its uniforms in the past, but in the last few seasons, some tweaks have been seen in the Razorbacks duds.

    The all-black look should be a winning combo for the Razorbacks and will likely be a fan favorite. It's a very clean-looking addition to an otherwise tradition-rich uniform set. 

White Helmet

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    The running razorback emblem is one of the marks of the Arkansas football program. When college football fans see the running razorback, they instantly recognize it as Arkansas.

    Arkansas has worn cardinal helmets with a white hog for years, but this season, it will introduce a white version of the headgear. To the credit of designers, they hit it out of the park with this option.

    Put the Hogs in all-white uniforms with a white helmet, and the look would be one of the sharpest in college football. Nike did it right with the white-helmet option.

Bleeding Numbers

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    One of the subtle changes that comes with this season's new Arkansas uniforms is the bleeding number look.

    The Hogs have traditionally worn block numbers of solid crimson or white, but they spice it up a bit this season with bleeding numbers that fade to a different color at the bottom.

    Sure, it is a small change, but it is a change nonetheless. It is also a change that should be welcomed by the Razorback faithful.

    Sometimes a little shakeup makes for a good change—this is one of them. 

New Sleeve Design

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    One of the small additions to the new Razorbacks uniforms this fall is the “tear” look that has been added to the side of the jersey sleeves.

    The color will change with the main color of the uniform, but this design shows the silver and cardinal color scheme on the away jersey. 

    The look of the sleeve mark is catchy but very subtle. This addition will be missed by the majority of fans, but it is another quality add for the Razorbacks that gives another dimension to the jersey. 

    Give Nike credit for not going too nuts with this change—it could have gotten really ugly fast. 

Finishing Touches

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    According to the Arkansas Razorbacks athletic website, not only do the new uniforms add different looks to the Razorbacks unis, they are also the cutting edge of uniform technology. 

    The Hogs will wear the Nike Pro Combat uniforms, which incorporate a number of design additions that help keep the uniform lightweight and durable throughout the course of a game. There are also padding additions at key points—such as the hips—that help protect players from injury. 

    There is also an added slogan on the inside neckline that the athletes will read when donning the jersey—it says “Ring the Bell," which is an Arkansas rally cry.

    With all of the subtle changes and advanced technology found in the uniform sets, Arkansas hit a home run with the changes.