Tampa Bay Buccaneer Braggart: Blount Does Some Serious Boasting

Tom EdringtonSenior Writer IAugust 13, 2012

LeGarrette Blount gets 30 yards and he's ready to brag. (photo courtesy Buccaneers.com)
LeGarrette Blount gets 30 yards and he's ready to brag. (photo courtesy Buccaneers.com)

The main question we have for you this morning centers around your favorite "is he the starter or not?" running back for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and that would be LeGarrette Blount.

Seems Blount's mouth is writing checks that his posterior may have a hard time cashing.

What's worse is that it comes after one measly "it doesn't really count" preseason game. An exhibition/practice/glorified practice against the Miami Dolphins, a team that may be a candidate to finish in the basement of the AFC East.

After the win over the Dolphins, Blount spewed this gem to JoeBucsFan.com:

"I think we can definitely be the best duo in the league."

The league? As in the NFL? As in all 32 teams? Blount and Doug Martin, best in the NFL? After one preseason game?

Here's a piece of advice for Mr. Blount: Try and be the best in the NFC South for starters. And that won't be all that easy. Carolina has DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. It's done it year, after year, after year. No talk; just production. Throw in scampers by Cam Newton and you're telling us you can be better than those three? Please.

New Orleans has Darren Sproles, Mark Ingram, Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory is the still of that group. If memory serves me, he ran all over the Buccaneer defense last year. Hey, LeGarrette, try being better than Sproles and Ingram.

Best in the NFL?

Let's not even get into the other teams outside the division. The NFC South is good enough, tough enough for starters. Hey Blount, be the best in the division. That's all we're asking. Just do it, don't talk about it, don't tell us, just shut up and do it.

That's the thing. Being an effective player in the Greg Schiano regime is akin to being a great caddy on the PGA Tour: show up, shut up and keep up.

Schiano LOVES Lavonte David. He shows up every day in practice, plays his derriere off, prepares like there's no tomorrow and doesn't talk a lot.

Preseason is no time to start making any sort of declarations.

Right now, we have no idea if this is a 6-10 team or a 10-6 team. Teams don't game plan the first couple of preseason games. They just show up and, as Schiano said before the Miami game, run their stuff.

So before Blount begins to think that he and the rookie, Doug Martin, are the second coming of Butch and Sundance, you know Csonka and Kiick or simply Jim Brown by himself, you'd think he'd want to kinda keep this under wraps and maybe give us a hint when he and Martin put up a couple of hundred yards of offense against the New York Giants when it counts.

Or how about simply having a better day in the opener against the Panthers, a better day than Williams and Stewart, as in DeAngelo and Jonathan.

How about simply doing it when it counts?

This really isn't the time to make that kind of league-encompassing boast.

All this preseason stuff doesn't really mean much. It doesn't.

The regular season? That's what matters.


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