Why The NBA Isn't As Good As It Used to Be

Allen LoppCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2009

As a general rule, on Sundays I like to at least watch one or more basketball game as a Sunday ritual. This past Sunday i was watching the Suns - Celtics game a match-up of the best teams in the NBA. The game started and the Suns came out like the Suns of old shooting and scoring a Lot in the first quarter. The game progressed and Rajon Rondo was tearing the Suns to pieces.

Now I wasn't a fan of the ABC announcers in the first place but why on god's green earth are they talking about LeBron James and will he or won't he leave the Cavs in 2010. I don't care to hear them talk about LEBRON JAMES in game were he isn't playing. It makes me so MADD to hear them talk about something that will happen 2 YEARS from now!  

Personally I don't care if LeBron James ever plays again in the NBA again. I just think the NBA has gone down the toliet and is all about look at me and how much money can i make and don't forget LOOK AT ME!!!!!!