No. 1-Ranked Pitt Loses and Nobody Cares

Brad FalconeContributor IFebruary 25, 2009

The No. 1 Pittsburgh Panthers lost on the road to Providence, and nobody cares.

College basketball's regular season is irrelevant to elite teams. For North Carolina, Duke, and UConn, it is a tuneup. For the bubble teams, they weren't going to win the national championship, anyway.

Everybody always says that college football should go to a playoff and that college basketball gets it with the tournament.

Not true.

If No. 1 goes down in college football four weeks before the end of the season, they're probably done. If No. 1 loses in college basketball, nobody cares.

Just as Mike Greenberg has said about the college football season: If the beginning of a movie is good and the end is average, it's still a good movie.

In contrast, college basketball doesn't have a good regular season, but a good ending. However, people don't get the regular season because it is so bad, just like people don't read halfway down a bad article.

College basketball has many reasons for its falling off the American sports scene. This is just one of them. College football will always reign supreme.