Chicago Bears First Round Pick 2009

Chris KiserContributor IFebruary 25, 2009

What are the Chicago Bears looking for in the 2009 NFL Draft?

Many die-hard Bears fans would still be stumped at this question, as the idea of a first round pick is scary. 

With the up and coming departure of all-pro tackle John Tait, a large hole is left in the Offensive Line. Knowing Angelo's former tendencies, a first round pick of an offensive tackle seems a safe bet.

Also, a smart and quick-thinking free safety is needed to replace the role of Mike Brown, because Daniel Manning is clearly not fit to fill the starting position. 

Possibly the most exciting of the possibilities is a tall, play making, game-dominating wide reliever to start opposite Devin Hester.  This type of presence is needed in order for Hester to be able to run free, and do more than cause convenient 80 yard pass interference penalties at the end of games.  The thought of picking an offensive play maker first in the draft is always enticing, but also not the height of Jerry Angelo's wishes. 

Exit fact, here is my opinion.

Angelo needs to take a risk in drafting a true play maker at either defensive back or wide receiver.  A first round pick at wide receiver could turn out to be the dominant force that unleashes the offense (and singe-handedly knocks teams out of play off contention, Andre Johnson anyone?).  Although it would be a shock to the Chicago land Area to have a Bears attack actually capable of pouring points onto the scoreboard, it seems a well-worth it risk for Jerry Angelo in the upcoming draft.