Stephon Marbury Expected to Sign with Celtics, KG Cries: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Bare KnucksAnalyst IFebruary 25, 2009

The Knicks finally agreed to waive a New York favorite, Stephon Marbury. It’s been a strange road for once highly touted Marbury, or Starbury as he likes to be called. Ever since he showed up with his shoe’s logo tattooed in the side of his head, I figured it would be downhill, and boy was it ever downhill. Marbury started to refuse to go into games, would refuse practice, coach would sit him then he would be mad he couldn’t play. On and on, until the Knicks told him just to chill at his house, we’ll still pay you, just stay out of our sight. What does Marbury do? Starbury decides to buy a front row ticket to Knicks game and watch his current teammates play. Classy, kinda reminds of Britney Spears not wearing any panties, and I don’t know why. [Read more...]