Dallas Mavericks: Free Falling

Damian JacksonContributor IFebruary 25, 2009

Don't Stop Believing. Amazing song by Journey.

Sometimes it gets tough to keep believing in the Mavericks. Trust me, I still do, I'm a devoted M.F.F.L., but I'm sure all of us have doubt some time or another.

It's frustrating to watch.

I do think the Mavericks made the right choice to stand pat at the deadline rather than make a panic move just for the sake of it. Props to Mark Cuban and Donnie Nelson.

However, the team's current roster without Jason Terry isn't a pretty sight.

Forget the win over the Kings at home. That was a gimme. Two terrible losses at Houston and at San Antonio. Now, we're talking.

Prior to the All-Star Break, Dallas had a chance to be the fourth seed in the West had they won at home against the Celtics. They lost.

Dirk has looked exhausted since that date with Boston. Nowitzki and Terry were depended on every night to play well for this team to win. With Terry injured, the burden is solely on the big German's shoulders. Therefore, its obvious why Dirk might be running out of fuel.

Today, Dallas holds only a slim one-game lead over Phoenix for the final playoff slot.

Sounds like the Mavericks are playing more along the lyrics of Tom Petty's Free Falling.