What If? Another American F1 Team?

Tony CastaneiraAnalyst IFebruary 25, 2009

What if there is another group working on starting an American F1 team?

What if the team will not be a pure US Formula 1 team but a “NAFTA” team?

What if they realize that any F1 team will have to be based in Europe?

What if they have already decided on a location?

What if some members of the group are comprised of people who are involved in motorsports marketing and sponsorship?

What if they have the full financial backing of an entity that has pockets as deep as the Marianna’s Trench?

What if they had representatives at the IRL Indy Car test in Homestead talking to a few select individual engineers and mechanics about possibly working for them?

What if they already have a designer working on a chassis design?

What if they are already well into negotiations with an engine manufacturer?

What if they have refrained from making any public announcements until they actually have a team to announce?

What if...?

Answer to follow when I can.