2010 NFL Season: Possibly Uncapped?

Kevin WhitesellCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2009

As Gene Upshaw’s (former NFLPA executive director) position still remains vacant, the possibility for an uncapped 2010 NFL season or beyond is very real.

The selection process has been narrowed down to three candidates (Trace Armstrong, Troy Vincent, and DeMaurice Smith) with final decision coming March 13-15 2009 in Hawaii.  

It is unclear whether a CBA (collective bargaining agreement) with be hammer out in time, however according to all involved, it is a top priority. If a new CBA is not completed in time for the 2010 season, what would an uncapped year or two look like? What would its ramifications be?



The great debate will begin between small market teams and big market teams.

Congratulations Jerry Jones, you and your Dallas Cowboys have become the Steinbrenners and the New York Yankees of the NFL

With an uncapped season, the sky is the limit. There is no floor or ceiling regarding spending. Players who have been franchised this year could/would be targets for big market teams (e.g. Karlos Dansby or Terrell Suggs (T-Sizzle)). That is, if players such as these don’t sign multi-year contracts in the meantime.

Throw in big spender, Daniel Synder of the Washington Redskins and watch the shopping spree begin.

On the other side of the coin, what do teams like Kansas City, St. Louis, and Tennessee do?

How would they compete? 

Three words: Tampa Bay Rays.

Yes, I know they are a MLB team. But some of the same principles apply.

Such franchises would have to build their respective franchises through the draft.

Whether or not big market teams  would actually engage in buying up high profile free agents comes down to a couple of factors.

  1. Will there be an uncapped year in 2010 or beyond?
  2. Would owners jeopardize their long term fiscal outlook for possible short term success?


Let the bidding begin.

Those players mentioned above plus dozens more will have lottery-like paydays.

Look up Mark Teixeira: No further explanation needed here.



This will be an exciting time for fans, both for small-market teams and large-market teams.

I would like to use the comparison between New York Yankee fan and Tampa Bay Rays fans.

New York out of the playoffs and Tampa Bay Rays, World Series runners-up.

New York Yankees 2008 payroll: $209,081,579

Tampa Bay Rays 2008 payroll: $43,820,598

Spending doesn’t necessarily equate to winning, but man it’s thrilling to watch it all unfold.

Of course, this is all speculation as a CBA maybe reached. Yet it is intriguing to think about nonetheless.


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