PGA Championship 2012: McIlroy Shows He's Back to His Best

Siobhan WeathersContributor IIAugust 12, 2012

Rory McIlroy/ Getty Images
Rory McIlroy/ Getty ImagesDavid Cannon/Getty Images

Today is the fourth and final round of the PGA Championship, and Rory McIlroy has a big lead over the rest of the pack.

According to the PGA Championship: Live Report, McIlroy leads Ian Poulter and Carl Pettersson by six strokes and continues to pad his lead.

McIlroy is the defending champion of the Honda Classic, which took place back in March. However, aside from this win, McIlroy has had a very disappointing year. He struggled at the 2012 U.S. Open, The Masters and has yet to show much improvement—until now.

With a six-shot lead over the rest of his competition, McIlroy has shown that his focus is where it needs to be. He has also made good on his statement to spend more time practicing.

The largest margin of victory in PGA history is seven shots, according the the PGA Live Report. McIlroy is looking to break the record, or at least tie the record and bring his career out of a slump.

His career has suffered a dramatic and rapid downfall since last year's win at the U.S. Open. McIlroy admitted that he had not practiced as much and his focus was on other things such as his girlfriend.

Tiger Woods has also had somewhat of a disappointing year, but showed a little more promise after his nightmare at the U.S. Open as well.

The PGA 2012 has seen some severe weather and had to postpone some playing time, however that has not seemed to have an effect on McIlroy. He said he liked the way the courses have been set up in the past PGA tours and he said that could help his chances, according to David Facey of the Scottish Sun.

After a year of disappointments, poor playing, lack of focus and just plain losing, McIlroy has proved that he is keeping his dream of a championship alive.