Yankees Center Field Plans Going Down The Drain

Harris DeckerSenior Analyst IFebruary 25, 2009

Earlier this morning, a report came in regarding the Rangers and Josh Hamilton.

The news could not be worse news for the New York Yankees. Apparently, later this Spring, Hamilton and the Rangers will begin talks on a contract extension. Josh is certain to receive an extremely large extension given his breakout 2008 season. Barring a major disaster in the early part of 2009, the contract will most likely be somewhere in the range of $7 million to $9 million per year. 

This news comes on top of the new that the Pirates and Nate McLouth have reached a three year extension worth about $5 million per season.

It is clear that without these two contracts, the Yankees would of been on the prowl for their new center fielder after the 2009 season, when both will or would be free agents. Brian Cashman will tell you that this was never the plan, but we all know better. Either player would of been perfect for them, young, athletic, and pure money—on and off the field. 

Sorry, New York Yankees. You might have to look into actually using your farm system in the coming years to fill the gap that will arise in center field over the next few seasons.