UFC 150 Henderson vs. Edgar: Round by Round Recap and Analysis

Andrew Barr@@andrewbarr8Correspondent IAugust 12, 2012

UFC 150 Henderson vs. Edgar: Round by Round Recap and Analysis

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    We are just minutes away from the rematch between current UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson and the man he took the title from, Frankie Edgar. The first fight was an epic clash, and we can expect nothing less for this evening.

    Stay tuned to this article for round by round and up-to-the-minute analysis of the fight and what's next for each fighter.

Round 1

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    The fight is about to get underway, and both men look ready to go. They've been respectful in the buildup to this fight, but in their eyes it looks like there's bad blood.

    Maybe that's just how bad they both want the belt.

    High kick from Frankie misses. Leg kick from Henderson clips Frankie's shin. Inside leg kick from Frankie. Might have landed a little low. Leg kick from Edgar misses. Nice left from Henderson.

    Both men taking time to feel each other out. Nice leg kick from Henderson catches Edgar off balance. Another leg kick catches Edgar off balance. Edgar looking a little tentative.

    Frankie dives after a leg kick to try for a takedown. Doesn't get it, though. Leg kick from Edgar. Both guys seem content to fight from the outside for now.

    Rogan talking about some potential damage on Edgar's calf. Edgar coming up short on a lot of combinations. Left right combo from Henderson lands. Henderson knees the body, but Frankie catches it and lands a nice right. Edgar follows with a leg kick.

    Edgar catches a chopping leg kick and gets a takedown. Edgar is caught in a guillotine and it is tight.

    Not enough time left to finish. Close round.

    10-9 Henderson.

Round 2

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    Nice leg kick from Henderson makes Edgar slip. These kicks are doing serious damage.

    Nice body to head combo from Edgar. Edgar catches a leg kick and lands his own kick. And another right after.

    Henderson switching stances a lot. Henderson misses with an axe kick. Chopping leg kick from Henderson is caught by Edgar, but the damage is done.

    Edgar scores a knockdown with a big right hand! He now has Henderson in a front headlock. For a second it looked like Edgar had a choke, but he's back to just a front headlock.

    Henderson has likely recovered by now. Henderson to his feet, but still in the headlock. Edgar trying to drag him down. Henderson back down to the canvas and Edgar still has the front headlock. Not a lot happening from this position.

    And they break. Front kick from Henderson misses. Henderson shoots a takedown and it is stuffed. Edgar has the front headlock again. Uppercut from Edgar as they break.

    10-9 Edgar.

Round 3.

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    High kick from Henderson comes close. Overhand right from Henderson misses, Edgar dodges it and lands a body shot.

    Henderson lands a knee to the body. Nice leg kick from Henderson. Nice jab from Henderson. Right hand from Edgar. Body kick from Edgar. High kick from Henderson is blocked.

    Edgar ducks a punch and lands another body shot. Body shot from Edgar answered by a little right from Henderson. Jab from Henderson. Right hand from Edgar. Leg kick from Edgar. Inside leg kick from Edgar.

    Good kick from Henderson is caught by Edgar. Jab by Henderson. Side kick from Henderson misses. Powerful leg kick from Henderson. Right hand from Edgar. Body kick from Edgar. Running right hand from Henderson.

    Close round. Frankie seemed busier, but Henderson landed harder shots, maybe. I`d call it a 10-10.

Round 4

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    Championship rounds.

    Edgar catches a leg kick and tries for a takedown and doesn`t get it. Right hand from Edgar.

    Leg kick from Henderson answered by a right hand from Edgar. Inside leg kick from Edgar is checked. Left hand from Edgar. Leg kick from Edgar.

    Takedown from Edgar. Backs off to avoid up-kick. Edgar has a front headlock now against the cage.

    Edgar going for a choke, but it doesn`t look tight yet. Knee to the body. Henderson stands up and they break. Right hand counter from Edgar.

    Henderson putting a lot into his punches. If one of them connects it could be bad. Small left from Edgar. Solid jab knocks Edgars mouthpiece out and a time out is called.

    Back to action. Right hand from Edgar is answered with a right by Henderson. Leg kick from Edgar. Nice straight right from Henderson. Edgar answers with a right of his own. Leg kick from Henderson is caught. Good jab from Edgar. Big right hand from Edgar. They trade leg kicks.

    10-9 Edgar.

Round 5

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    Final round. Here we go.

    Right hand from Edgar. Edgar makes Henderson slip and fall—not exactly a takedown, but significant.

    Henderson right back up. Nice inside leg kick from Edgar. Henderson with a quick right hand. Edgar comes up short with a right hand. Leg kick from Edgar lands, but Henderson lands a punch at the same time. Right hand from Edgar.

    Both guys seems a bit tentative. They know a lot is at stake in this last round. Both men exchange punches in the middle of the cage. Nothing significant lands.

    Edgar with a nice body to head combo. Henderson tries for a takedown, doesn`t get it, and Edgar answers with a right hand. Inside leg kick from Edgar wobbles Henderson. Right hand from Edgar. Right hand from Henderson and a kick behind it. What a close fight.

    Body shot from Edgar. Nice left from Henderson. Right hand from Edgar. Head kick from Edgar misses and he slips. Henderson gets a piece of a head kick.

    Tough, tough round to call, but I have to go 10-9 Edgar. Waiting on judges' decision.

    Ben Henderson takes a split-decision victory to retain the title.

What's Next for the Champion?

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    Controversial or not, Ben Henderson remains your UFC lightweight champion.

    What's next for him?

    No speculation necessary. The UFC has already confirmed his next opponent will be Nate Diaz.

What's Next for Frankie Edgar?

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    Tough loss for the former champ. He was clearly very disappointed with the decision, and he was not alone. The decision was widely booed by the audience in attendance.

    Now, we have to wonder if this is when we'll see Edgar drop to featherweight. No doubt he is more than capable of competing at lightweight, but it will be hard for him to get another title shot now at lightweight.

    If he drops to featherweight, Chad Mendes would make a great first fight.

    If he stays at lightweight, Clay Guida or Joe Lauzon would be interesting fights. Donald Cerrone and Anthony Pettis would make sense too, but I don't think they'll give Edgar those fights because it would get him back in the title picture too quickly.