Oakland Raiders Mock Draft: Rds. 1-3

Aron OchsnerContributor IFebruary 25, 2009

A lot of speculation is going on throughout the NFL world right now because of the Combine winding down.

Multiple people believe that their teams should do certain things, and this is my take on what I think the Raiders should do to get the most for their draft.


Round 1: A tackle is the way to go in round one.

Our starter, on the left side right now, is Mario Henderson, and he played well in his starts—including one in Kansas City, a loud stadium, without a false start or sack given up. A right tackle is more pressing.

Pick: Andre Smith


Round 2: We also need a possession WR.

Schillens and Higgins, both, played exceptionally well late in the season, but we need a wide receiver to go across the middle—something Ronald Curry had always done.

If he is still here at the 40th pick, then...Pick: Brian Robiskie.

He ran a 4.48 forty, which is quick enough to catch a run but he is also big enough to go across the middle.


Round 3: The Raiders have the sixth pick in the third round or the 71st pick.

Here, we need to pick a big, quick Defensive Tackle. No matter what you say about our secondary, our run stopping is horrific.

Pick: Myron Pryor