Henderson vs. Edgar 2: Edgar Needs to Finish Bendo to Win UFC Lightweight Title

Scott Carasik@ScottCarasikContributor IIAugust 11, 2012

Courtesy fighthubtv.com
Courtesy fighthubtv.com

Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson square off in their UFC Lightweight title match at UFC 150. However, Edgar will have to finish Bendo in order to win this fight and repossess his Lightweight Championship from the current champion.

Neither man knows how to finish fights when you look at their recent history. Henderson hasn't finished anyone in his past five fights, winning unanimously on cards. Edgar has just one finish—a knockout of Gray Maynard—in his last five fights.


Bendo Dominated the First Fight

Benson Henderson just dominated the first fight. He was obviously the winner of at least three rounds and knows how to win the cards. He got Edgar into a guillotine in Rounds 4 and 5 and just had to keep his distance in order to win.

Frankie looked like a beaten pup at the end of the fight and had a swollen eye. Just by looking at the two fighters, it was obvious who had won. Bendo had just captured his first title, winning the cards unanimously 49-46, 49-46 and 48-47. 


Edgar Can't Let This Get to the Judges

Edgar has shown that he knows how to win a fight by getting it to the cards and winning rounds. However, he doesn't have the ability to win a fight against Bendo if this goes to a decision. The New Jersey native doesn't have the quickness to stick with Henderson the whole fight. 

Frankie also hasn't been able to win the judges over in either of his last two decisions, gaining a draw against Gray Maynard and a loss against Bendo. He needs to knock Bendo out. That or he needs to submit the current champion.


Dana White Should Know Better

While watching two lightweights fight is great, Dana White knows this one will more than likely go to the judges and not be a finished fight.

Multiple champions have been crowned despite not earning the victory in the cage, as they've been handed the title by the judges. By making this the premier fight of UFC 150, Dana White left himself open to a result that no one may want.

Edgar needs to do the right thing here and finish the fight. Because if he doesn't, there won't be a Bendo-Edgar III and his title will stay on the current champion.


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