Steroids In Baseball: Game Killer Or Game Savior?

zach bearContributor IFebruary 25, 2009

OK, this article is for comments. I want to know how people feel on this subject and if they agree with me at all.

I believe that, as bad as steroids are, they have saved the game of baseball. People come to games to watch players, and one of the most exciting things in the game is the home run. Experts even say that Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire's historic home run chase in '98 saved the game and brought fans back to the ballpark.

So in these hard times, maybe it is good to have steroids. It puts people in the seats. I mean, I don't see or hear the Yankee fans burning tickets outside the stadium or promising not to go to games because of the recent steroid allegations.

If I heard correctly on ESPN, baseball made its highest annual revenue last year at around (I think) $400 billion. People watch the game for record-breakers, and I promise you, if A-rod gets closer to the record every day, every fan will turn on their TV.

No fan will say, "Well, he used steroids so it's not real. I am not gonna watch it."

So maybe the answer here is to let all players do steroids for a certain time, see if attendance and TV ratings go up, and then after the economy rebounds, change it back.

I don't know, please comment with your thoughts.