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Athletes make money, big money. Some athletes keep a low profile with their earnings, most can’t wait to show the world how much they’re worth! BR5 presents our list of the Most Blinged Out Athletes. 

When it comes to boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr., Money is a part of who he is. Really though, he’s billed as Floyd “Money” Mayweather. His $5 million watch collection doesn’t hurt his reputation as a blinged out athlete. On top of that, he loves to bet big money on sporting events and tell the world about it on twitter.   

Next is Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. He loves the bling like Mayweather; unfortunately, he apparently doesn’t care to pay for his bling. His jeweler recently sent a tweet to call him out on his lack of payment.

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is well known for loving Skittles, but did you know he also loves bling? He has a grill that is just so flashy; to go with the way he runs the football.

When you’re talking about love of bling, Allen Iverson is someone you have to mention. Iverson takes a love of bling to a whole new level. Earlier this year, a Georgia judge seized his bank account because of outstanding jewelry bills.

Usually you wouldn’t look for an Olympian on a list like this; Ryan Lochte is anything but usual. He wore a grill on the podium in London, and now his level of bling has hit a new high. His sponsor Gillette sent him some shaving swag do celebrate his Olympic victory. 

So there they are? Anyone you’d add to your list? Let us know below!


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