Champions League Recap: Europe at War! But the Last Eight...Very Refreshing!

Victor FrankContributor IFebruary 25, 2009

It was time to sit back and enjoy...the Heinekens lined up in anticipation for the battles that were to follow. The next two hours were going to give us an idea of the shape of things to come. The remote control was ready for some serious channel swapping!

The main focus was no doubt the clash between Inter and Manchester United, as both these teams had the capacity to upset any team in the competition as well as each other.

The first half of the match was, without a shadow of a doubt, owned by United. The look on Jose Mourinho's face could have frozen a medusa. He looked like a serious contender for heart attack victim of the month at times!

Cristiano Ronaldo looked like scoring on several occasions, but failed to materialize. This was somewhat worrying, as we all thought that his form in front of the goalmouth was returning to what we saw last season. Obviously he isn't quite there yet...

The second half belonged to Inter (something Jose must have said in the change room!). Their passing game was sharper, and they started to create opportunities from the very first minute—although Manchester United always looked dangerous on the break as they always do.

I was puzzled as to why SAF hadn't brought Wayne Rooney or Carlos Tevez in from the onset of the second half. If Inter were on the back foot in the first half, surely he should have delivered the killer blow swiftly. But then again, who am I to ponder on the master's decisions?

As far as the scoreline of 0-0, I still think that Ferguson will be the happier out of the two managers. He knows that his full strength defence will all be available for the next match, and it's not easy for teams to score at Old Trafford.

While sneaking quick peeks here and there at the other games, I was surprised to see Barcelona down at halftime to Lyon, but had the gut feeling that they would at least pull one back for a draw. Arsenal looked dangerous at times, but much like Manchester United, lacked the killer instinct to finish off their opponent...something needs to be done by Arsene Wenger to get this sorted out before the away leg.

I was actually very impressed with FC Porto's performance. Being the smallest team as far as budget, to play on the day, they looked the hungriest to come away with a victory. They should have thrashed Atletico Madrid by four or five goals. Instead they were left catching up due to a stupid mistake by Brazilian goalkeeper Elton in the first half. They did, however, equalize and take two away goals with them.

Well, at the end of all these battles, everything that could have been decided, wasn't! (Except for Porto perhaps.)

Before I let you go, I would like to apologise for the grammar and spelling in this article...the last eight really got to me!

Looking forward to the next round tonight and the final eight!


Eight cold Heinekens!!