Boston Red Sox: John Lackey 'Beer'-Gate Part Two, the Non-Story

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Boston Red Sox: John Lackey 'Beer'-Gate Part Two, the Non-Story
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Now that we are nearing September, and the Boston Red Sox are all but out of the playoff hunt, it is time for the Boston media to start stirring the pot again.

Case in point, Joe Haggerty of reported this morning that the Red Sox have thrown in the towel on this season—one of the main reasons being that he saw John Lackey "double-fisting" Bud Lights in the locker room.

First of all, the fact that a player that will not sniff the field all season is drinking beer in the clubhouse shouldn't be a sign that the 25 active players have given up. 

In my opinion, this is a total non-story. Yea, Bobby Valentine banned alcohol in the clubhouse at the beginning of the season, but that was only for home games. Is there really any harm in a player on the DL drinking beer in the clubhouse after the game?


The point has also been introduced that it is asinine that Lackey is even traveling with the team on road trips.

Well folks, I have some bad news for you. The collective bargaining agreement allows Lackey to be around the team as much as he wants, so if he wants to sit in the dugout and play patty cake with Josh Beckett, he has every right too. 

It is time to stop searching for answers with this team. There is no "chicken and beer" in the clubhouse this year to blame their poor performance on. Maybe the Boston Red Sox just simply aren't a good team. Ever think of that? 

There has been a large enough sample size to support this notion—they are a sub-.500 team over the past 10-11 months. So yes, this is a bad baseball team but spare me from this Lackey incident becoming the next fried chicken and beer incident.

As far as what they should do moving forward, they tried the simple makeover last offseason, and it is pretty apparent that it didn't work. So the plan of action for this team should be a complete rebuild. There is no player that should be untouchable, the coaching staff should be cleaned out and John Henry and Tom Warner should take a long, hard look at their relationship with Larry Lucchino. 

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