The Best Speeches in Sports Movie History

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The Best Speeches in Sports Movie History
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Locker rooms are gross.

They're smelly, waterlogged, messy and littered with way too many used jockstraps for comfort.

Luckily, the magic of film makes us forget all of that malarkey. 

The field, court or ice may be where champions are born and where legends are crowned, but the silver screen reminds us: Those gross locker rooms are places of inspiration and motivation that bring us to the marvelous point of celebration. 

Stars don't just perform out of nowhere.  Before Rudy gets a-Rudyin' and the Hoosiers get a-Hoosierin', it takes great words of wisdom to get us there.

Sports films would be nothing without overcoming adversity.  Honestly, no one in their right mind wants to watch a story of nothing's happening, right?  Watching a real blowout on television is bad enough as it is, after all. 

That adversity is met with courage, bravery and fortitude.  All are exemplified in these classic sports film speeches—some emotional, some humorous, some angry and some not even told in the setting of a locker room. 

All have one thing in common, though: The ability to break down that wall and pull the viewer into the situation, letting us feel that intensity.  The perfect storm of great acting, writing and directing all coming together to produce rare movie magic. 

Without any further ado, a collective list of these moments. It was going to be a "30 Best Speeches in Sports Movie History," but today you're getting the Baskin Robbins treatment, so 31 you shall have.


Note:  Some video clips contain adult language and are NSFW.  Clips and slides may contain spoilers. 

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