Why Kevin Garnett Should Leave Minneosta

Jon doeCorrespondent IJune 25, 2007

IconThe people of Minnesota are hungry for an NBA championship. Kevin Garnett wants to give it to them—he strongly believes that winning with the Wolves matters more than winning with any other team.
When you have a player as special as the "Big Ticket," you have to surround him with the right pieces.  Minnesota owner Glen Taylor, though, has failed to relieve bumbling VP Kevin McHale of his duties...and hire in his place a competent individual capable of putting together a winner.
The folks at the helm for the Timberwolves have failed to understand their priorities—which should start with listening to their superstar and helping him achieve his goal of winning a championship.
Instead, the Minnesota brass are more concerned with making deals with friends than they are with finding the missing pieces. 
Taking all of this into consideration, it's time for Garnett to skip town.  Kevin has to understand that Minnesota is a hopeless situation—and that his only chance to cap a Hall-of-Fame career with a title lies with another team.

After playing 11 years for the Wolves and bringing in millions in ticket sales, KG has more than paid his dues. Now, it's time to leave—to say his goodbyes and go somewhere where he can be competitive.