Alligator Eats Snake at PGA Championship; I Repeat, an Alligator Eats a Snake

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 10, 2012

Alligators currently lead snakes by one at the PGA Championship.

I love watching golf on TV. You can get in a nap, maybe see a tremendous shot that will have you somewhat amused and perhaps catch Mother Nature being a wild woman who doesn't know the meaning of tame.

SportsGrid spots this video that is either wonderful or completely atrocious, depending on whether you call yourself an alligator or a snake.

The funny part is the audio of this video.

It seems whoever captured the moment an alligator got a bit peckish was at an office where sales and other things that are lame were discussed.

How is nobody screaming in the background, shouting, "Guys, there is a freaking alligator...eating a snake on TV"?

We as a nation have become too reliant on the rewind button on DVR, but this moment calls for anyone with that power to rewind and watch as Mother Nature shows you that the water hazard can easily turn into the water death pit of doom.

I have never played at Kiawah Island, where the PGA Championship is held, but I will be sure to think twice about looking for my ball near the drink if I do.

If I see a buddy's ball go into the lake, I have to offer the only help I can: "Dude, let it go, because that ball is gone."

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