WWE's New Saturday Morning Program on CW and Why It's a Smart Move

T BDContributor IAugust 10, 2012

Sin Cara is one WWE Superstar who also caters to a youth audience
Sin Cara is one WWE Superstar who also caters to a youth audienceGallo Images/Getty Images

WWE has issued a press release that a new WWE-related program will air on Vortexx on the CW Network, called "WWE Saturday Morning Slam." The program will be geared towards kids. CW reaches 114 million homes in the United States.

When news previously broke about WWE's Main Event coming to Ion TV in October, many in the Internet wrestling community were up in arms about the amount of WWE programming in a week.

Raw was moving to three hours, Smackdown still exists, pay-per-views 14 times a year, NXT and Superstars and now another program caused many to complain about the number of original WWE content hours per week.

Now, the same cries are being heard.

My stance on WWE Saturday Morning Slam is the same as WWE Main Event: If a TV network is willing to pay WWE a favorable amount of money to produce a unique television product for their channel, and WWE further benefits by reaching an audience they might previously have not been able to reach, then in no way will that ever be a bad idea.

On top of adhering to a PG-rating, WWE also already has marketing geared towards children—one big example is a WWE magazine strictly for kids.

It makes me shake my head that people would complain so ardently about these types of moves. At the end of the day, it's about business, X's and O's and the bottom line.

In fact, particularly for Raw moving to three hours, hardcore wrestling fans should be happy that we are seeing longer matches on Raw, and guys like Daniel Bryan are the benefactors because they continually are able to showcase their talents.

If you feel like there is too much WWE programming, then don't watch it. If you had a product you were selling, you would want to sell it in the most amount of stores possible to reach the most amount of people and make the most amount of money.

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